Ideas, tips and solutions to common separation issues in our Separation Lifestyle section.

Separation has a great deal of problems and changes that affect your life, household and family. This section offers you some quick tips and ideas on managing life while separated.

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The legal separation agreement is often used as a basis by which the final divorce agreement is established.  It contains terms similar to that of a divorce agreement.  

Legal and moral considerations are at the heart of this debate and the answer is not always clear.  Legally, the laws of each state differ and can have varied interpretations of fault.  The ramifications of a relationship prior to finalizing your divorce can also vary based on each case, the judge and state. 

Marital strife can occur at the worst times and may include many problems such as financial stress, adultery, failed communication and even annoying habits.  Depending on the problem and strength of the marriage, most couples can work to overcome such issues.