It's that time of year again.  Holidays are fast approaching.  You have a lot going on that may cause them to seem more like obligations rather than something you really want to celebrate.

Look, we know it's especially difficult getting over a breakup around the holidays.  Everything may seem to remind you of "good times and bad".  If your divorce is still pending or you just got separated, you may really be concerned about the future, to include getting through the holidays, alone.

You have one less person to help with shopping, decorating and cooking.  If you're a parent, you have costumes to buy, trick-or-treating to plan, pageants to attend, turkeys to bake and gifts to buy.  Uh ya.  It's not easy!

DMK to the rescue!  We have some super fun ways to help you actually enjoy the holidays by keeping you focused on the good stuff rather than the gobbly goop holidays and divorce may throw at you.

Tips for great fall and winter seasons

Focus on positive activities instead of ruminating over negative divorce stuff

Celebrate to the extent it brings you happiness and contentment.  It doesn't mean overdo it, overspend, over plan or expect too much.  Really.  Don't.

Just keep your head in the season in order to keep your mind off your troubles.   Stay busy doing holiday stuff you love and let the "holiday to-do's" you don't love fall out of focus this year.

Visit for a holiday movie schedule and their Fall Harvest section with lots of recipes, how-tos, DIYs and episode recaps on Home & Family and more!

Celebrate your way 

Breaking with tradition a bit may help break the connection holiday's bring up of you and your ex.  It doesn't mean you need to make the holidays all weird. Just don't put too much pressure on yourself to keep things the same, less one spouse.  It's just too much stress and no fun!

Consider joining a new church, social community, group, choir/vocal ensembles:,,

Enjoy the outdoors

We put a lot of emphasis on outdoor time during spring and summer, but we need Vitamin D and sunshine all year long!  So, get outside and take part in some fall and winter activities.  Spend time with the kids, doing kid things like running, playing tag and sports. Just check with your doctor before starting any new physical activity.

If you don't have kids, spend time with nieces and nephews.  Kids love outdoor activities, so you're sure to have fun and get fit, which naturally brings your spirits up as it contributes to a healthy, active lifestyle.  

Go for more walks, hiking, camping; attend haunted houses or bonfires and participate in safe distance trick-or-treating, sledding and caroling. 

Find a park near you at the U.S. National Park Service's, Find a Park section of their site.

Get around the hurdles when you can't immediately get over them

Don't use pandemic precautions or divorce as an excuse to avoid celebrating the season.  The CDC has recommendations regarding COVID-19, what to avoid and ways to celebrate safely.  Our recommendations for both buzz killers is to do what it takes to avoid becoming a sad, lonely and depressed introvert.  Just do it safely. 

Reach out (virtually, if you must) to friends and family.   Stay social (and distanced, since we must) and just have fun celebrating instead of over planning, cleaning and cooking.

Check out the CDC, Holiday Celebrations section for information related to holiday socializing. Then, participate in safe family and friend get togethers.

Bring home some season in a bottle, scent or brew

That's right!  Fall for some of the marketing gimmicks that sell a little holiday spirit in your favorite things.  Get the candle with the aroma of crisp pine.  Oktoberfest beer or hard cider certainly compliment the autumn season.  Try your coffee flavored with gingerbread, pumpkin or peppermint.  From food to air fresheners, the holidays are a small purchase away!

Find top-selling seasonal must-haves on, at your local grocer, Starbucks® or Walmart®.

Buddy up. 

Commit to spending more time with those you know and making new friends during the holiday.  If your family is out of town and kids are with the ex, share the holidays with other single friends.  Celebrating this year is going to be different, so expect a few problems and emotional moments.  Try not to dwell on the past.  Instead, use a buddy system so that you can all support each other when times get rough. isn't just for dating, you can meet your new BFF there too and is ideal for connecting with people who share similar interests and goals.  Some other great sites and apps:, Hey! Vina, ATLETO.

Where there's wineries, there's...

Wine, relaxation, fall colors and friends make this a perfect way to celebrate the season, stress free.  Pack a basket and make it an entire day of relaxing with lots of bread, cheese, jams, crackers and fattening foods!  Make sure to take home some bottles of your favorite wine to serve at holiday celebrations and for days when only a favorite bottle of wine will do...and we all know those days!

Visit for a comprehensive list of U.S. wineries.

Pumpkin patches, locally owned shops, orchards and more

Mask up and take in the local scene or drive a few extra miles to find downhome grub, shopping districts and orchards.  Buy some cheese, honey, books, antiques or anything nostalgic.  These small businesses need us as much as we need them!  You'll feel good about supporting small business owners during the pandemic and enjoy a wonderful day at eclectic, charming and oh! so seasonal attractions! Tip: Make sure to call ahead for hours and changes in services due to COVID-19 precautions. has a great article on local shopping districts in all 50 states - so check it out!  

Decorate right

Don't, don't, don't overdo this year.  But, a little effort goes a long way.  Start small and don't try to do it all in one day.

Guys, your not off the hook.  Give Halloween decorating a try.  Add something that inspires you, smells good, looks good or just adds some kooky spooky to your place.  Too weird?  Then dress the place in traditional, fall holiday decor or your favorite team's holiday themed decorations. 

There's something for everyone and everyplace for every season.  Just don't put it off; the fall and winter holiday season is only three short months, get started in October to get the most out of it. offers a great assortment of team holiday decorations and has great deals on holiday decor and accessories.

Forgive yourself if you hate the holidays

Okay.  Holidays aren't for everyone, even without all the crud you're going through.  So, if holidays just aren't your thing, just take a minute here and there to slow things down a bit.   Even if it's a day or 20 of binging on holiday themed episodes of your favorite shows or movies.

Okay guys, watch football!  Yes, if this inspires you and keeps your mind on something seasonal that you enjoy, then go for it. 

Just don't let television shows, movies or sports get in the way of actually getting out there and doing the things that contribute to your physical health.

Pull off the mask, put in some ear buds and go for a walk (safe distanced of course, ugh!) at a local park.  Curl up with a good book, cook some chili, bake some cookies or brew some aromatic tea or your own beer.  Just enjoy your time and season with less emphasis on a particular holiday.

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