Why has there been such a robust increase of coffeehouses around the country in the last twenty years?  Did we just realize the affects of caffeine or did the coffee just get better? 

While many of us probably didn't give it much thought, coffee is HOT and you're about to know why!

Trends like this are usually started by a few visionaries that realize a great opportunity in something they enjoyed and were right to assume we would buy.   But, Folgers Coffee® satisfied our liking of the wonderful cocoa bean since 1850. 

What was missing with that cup of joe that boosted a multi-billion dollar industry?  How and why has there been such an awesome increase in variety of coffee and the houses that serve it?  Moreover, what is the coffeehouse experience about that makes us want to spend $5 or more for our daily latte?

So many beans, so many customers

By 2018, Starbucks® had 8,575 stores around the nation and over 25,085 stores in 75 countries.  While Starbucks® started in the great coffee state itself, Seattle, in 1971, it has expanded it's operations significantly in the last 20 years with a 90% increase in stores in the U.S.  While the majority of coffeehouse consumption is primarily through the big chains like Starbucks®, Seattle's Best® and Peet's Coffee®, 30% of coffeehouses, approximately 7,000 coffee shop businesses in the U.S. are owned and operated by independent coffeeshop owners. 

There's enough coffee consumers to keep the local coffee shops making money too.  In fact, the coffee shop industry banked more than 10 billion dollars a year in annual U.S. revenue as reported in 2017 and is expected to reach over 46.2 billion dollars by 2021 [source: brandongaille.com].  That's a lot of beans!

But, under all the cream and sugar you'll find the primary reason for such a demand for good coffee like Folgers Coffee® provided and the entire coffeehouse experience. 

Variety is everything in coffee's continued success

The immersion of ourselves, our day and our lives in coffee.  It gives us energy, flavor and now so much variety.  Not only can we get our coffee with or without caffeine, with or without sweetener; we can get our coffee cold, with skim milk or chocolate syrup.  They call it cool names like Latte's and Mocha's and write our names on the super cool cup that probably cost the company more than the coffee itself.

The coffeehouse experience

The environment is usually far more trendy and hip than our own living room or kitchen.  The customers who hang out there are also super trendy.  They're working, chatting and being productive.  They look like they belong in a new high tech company and it makes us want to be there with them, and perhaps be them.  The lighting totally relaxes our state of consciousness while the caffeine and sugary additives keeps us totally engaged in our open books and laptops.  The music is a blend of "urban hippee" that somehow pairs well with the aromas of coffee and hibiscus tea.  

There's a science to this coffee thing

Yes, coffee is just the beginning.  But, oh!  What a great beginning!  Coffee not only has been proven to lower the risk of premature death, but has also been proven to lower the occurrence of dementia, cirrhosis, gallstones and diabetes.  Coffee has been shown to help with memory, concentration, circulation, digestion and coordination.  The antioxidants have anti-aging affects and have been linked to fewer deaths from heart disease, neurological disorders and suicide. 

This amazing drink is good for asthma, headaches and has antibacterial and antiadhesive qualities that even provides cavity protection for a healthy smile!  It's been noted to have positive results for those suffering from the symptoms of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.  The benefits are clear, even if the coffee is pitch black. 

What's not to love when consumed responsibly?  This means about 3-5 cups a day to assume most of the benefits listed above.  Just remember to drink these wonderful Extra Tall Skim Soy Latte' Frappuccinos early enough to allow for a good night's sleep.

Try a cup of tea?

Along with coffee, most coffeehouses have teas.  Raspberry teas, mint teas, chai teas, spice teas, and everything nice teas.  They'll brew it, ice it, shake it and mint it.  They'll mix it up and strain it out to give you the smoothest, most delightful essence of herbs, fruit and spice.  Yes, when you pay $6.72 for an Tall Iced Chai Mix Cin Tea Latte, you get your money's worth.

Yummy treats perhaps?

Done with your coffee or tea, no problem.  Enjoy a totally addictive, completely amazing "Say Hello To Your Cinamorning Cinnamon Roll" that'll totally be a welcomed guest at any time of day or night, at your table, in your car, on your walk home, during your coffeehouse experience. 

Not into cinnamon rolls, no problem.  They have scones, quiches, pastries and croissants.  You can order chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-chocolate chip cookies and cherry cheesecake cookies.  And nobody expects you to count the calories because you totally don't go everyday.  Every other day is ok (extra visits ok, as needed).  Drive thrus totally don't count either, so eat without boundaries!

No matter what you need to keep focused, relaxed, in-trend and fed, your local coffee house has the atmosphere that totally keeps up with the coffee, pastries and stuff.  

Oh! Did we mention they even sell “super trendy urban hippee stuff” there too?  Woops!  Well, they do and you'll likely buy some hippee stuff one day and be totally cool for doing so.  

So, grab your tablet or favorite book and get out into the world, albeit your local coffeehouse world.   You may find a new weekend ritual and latte' with your name on it, in fact we're sure of it.  We're 10 billion beans sure of it!



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