Don't you wish you could talk to anyone and say anything in a way that makes you interesting to others?  What would that be worth to you? 

Many of you are busy with the typical challenges of everyday life.  Maybe you started an account on Facebook® or LinkedIn®.  But, who has the time to research the hottest social media apps that can supercharge your social circle, career or creative genius? 

There's no better post breakup medicine than keeping yourself busy.  But, staying busy isn't easy when our break-up blues leave us feeling lonely, bored and depressed.  Staying healthy and active is so much harder than polishing off a couple pints of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey® ice cream.  Dare we say more?

It's not easy getting through a breakup without at least one true girlfriend by your side.  Girls!  We have to vent!  Guys are different.  They deal with things their way.  But us girls, we need to have our wine and chats.  And by wine, I mean 'grigio or 'noir and by chats I mean tears, fears and total breakdowns.  We need to laugh, listen, rant and occasionally gossip.

One of the best ways to improve our mental well-being and lift our spirits is to volunteer.  Volunteering with other members of the community keeps us focused on positively affecting the lives of others while naturally reducing our fixation on our own problems.