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It's not easy to locate assistance caring for your family and home.  It helps to have online resources with advice, trusted caregivers, Realtors® and home helpers.

Find trusted local providers of child care, senior care, housekeeping, pet care & help with home tasks.  You can also advertise your own services or business related to these same services.

Excellent matching services for sitters in your area and parents who need sitters.  According to Sittercity they have over 2000 new sitters join daily and have helped connect millions of families to sitters since 2001.  They also indicate that 95% of U.S. neighborhoods have used Sittercity.

Locate a professional pet sitter, pet owner tips or learn how to become a professional pet sitter.  The site has a bonus resource, Pet Owner's World Magazine, published twice a year with information about pet safety, caring for pets, behavioral issues and choosing the right sitter.

One of the most comprehensive and popular sites for online classifieds, it provides listings for services for home, family, business, community and more. In many cases, private party listings to sell items are free. The site is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

In-home senior care services provided by trusted professional caregivers so that seniors can stay in the comfort of their home while getting the individualized help they need to do so.

Local professionals for nearly any of your everyday needs like home remodeling, home maintenance, weddings, events, moving, junk removal, home cleaning & more!

Great resource to locate local professionals for your home projects like kitchen & bath remodels, heating & cooling projects, flooring & hardwood installation, windows and doors, roofing & gutters.

Locate top-rated, certified professionals for home projects like plumbing, roofing, HVAC, electrical, landscaping, house cleaning, remodeling, painting.

Home contractors in your area that can help you complete projects in your home such as HVAC, painting, roofing, siding & windows and more!

Offers to provide numerous local handymen within 24 hours with ratings, reviews, job pictures and more in just two easy steps.  Some popular projects include, home maintenance & repair, weatherstripping, child proofing & more!  No job too big or small in their robust network.

Offers Free Estimates on home projects, repairs & maintenance with an easy, hassle free search process.  Perfect for the honey-do list that never got done and other home repairs like carpentry, painting, drywall, vinyl floors, ceramic tile, decks, gutters, basements, screened porch, remodels & handicap facilities.

Comprehensive resource of homes for sale or rent. It also provides information related to home values, and recent home sales for comparison evaluations. It's maintained by the National Association of Realtors® which is the largest trade association with 1.4 million members to include real estate agents throughout the U.S.

Help with locating or valuing homes to purchase, rent or sell across America.  Zillow has comprehensive resources to help users locate real estate agents, home loans and current rates.

The Federal Trade Commission Home Loans section of their site provides significant information related to shopping for a mortgage, home equity loans and lines of credit, reverse mortgages, deceptive advertising, mortgage scams and/or discrimination, mortgage delinquencies, short sales, post bankruptcy mortgage information and foreclosures.  They also have great informational sections on Health and Fitness, Identity Security, Jobs and Making Money!

Note: Some sites do not evaluate, perform background checks or otherwise screen those who offer services or products; practice caution when meeting with individuals you do not know.  As always, never send money to people you meet online.  When providing deposits, carefully examine the service technician's credentials and/or references.  We recommend only seeking services from well-known providers in your community and verifying the contact information, provided online, matches other common places the provider places ads (such as online directories and yellow pages).


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