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..continued from article, "What you do matters", Single Life Article, August 2019

We're going to bet you didn't change anything- Are we right?  All grins by most of you.  How'd we know?  The simple fact of the matter is that if you actually got up and changed something you are among the very few.  You're normal.

But normal isn't enough

Kudos if you changed something that can benefit your life when times are difficult.  It means you're seeking ways to make improvements. 

You're willing to stop, think and locate something that needs your attention, could be improved and/or provides a solution to a problem. 

You're more likely to be successful, interested in improving and willing to make the changes necessary to achieve happiness and personal satisfaction.  You're not satisfied with being acceptable, normal and "okay".  You want to be exceptional, so you are exceptional!

Now for the rest of us sorry losers (too harsh?)

We don't think so.  When we let life "happen", we let our circumstances control us.  We let the opinions of other's get in our way.  We let our failures block us from success. We ride the wakes instead of making waves.  

No more! 

It's time to take charge by taking action.

It's time to get up and take control of your life so that it can be the life you really want.  Find the job, relationships, home and activities that make it your life, not just a life.

What's in our way?

What's wrong with us? Are we really lazy? ...losers? ...destined to seek something we never take action to obtain? Is it that we are totally head strong and success bound if and when it appears magically in our bowl of Wheaties® or in our email inbox?

Don't wait. There is only one way to lose failure.  

Do what it takes to find success

Most of us already know that "what we do matters".  Chances are we heard most of it before, read it somewhere or saw 1,000 memes with all the right positive quotes and funnies that inspire us to be better, smarter, stronger people.  We just can't seem to do much to put those words and memes into action to make our butts smaller, minds sharper and life better.

What can we do to stay relevant in our world?

The worst thing that can happen is that we can read about all the drama in the world, watch every hot new streaming show or check our social media umpteen times a day and find our own self-worth plummeting among all of the sharing, reading, watching and texting. 

As we start to feel less relevant compared to thousands of "close" friends we look to for hope, inspiration and entertainment on social media accounts, we start to feel even crappier about ourselves.

Soon, we find ourselves checking our accounts more often, looking for more sites to read and apps to download in an effort to find what we're missing.  The only problem is that we are missing the point entirely! 

The more we look outside to others, the worse we feel about our failure to take action to improve ourselves.  It's time to be 80% doer and 20% social media butterfly.  Most of us are quite the opposite.

Who thinks you are important enough to be on the schedule?

At the beginning of this article, we encouraged you to get up and do something.  The reason we did that wasn't to prove you wouldn't.  The fact that most people don't take immediate actions to improve their life is why you really have an advantage if you can. It means you have the key that opens the door to "get things done", not just because you have to, but because it's good for you.

Getting things accomplished that make you a happier and healthier person produces a great result in two ways. 

When you do something, do it right and make it matter

Getting things done is very important.  Do them right to make a difference in your life (the big picture) and do them expeditiously to value your time (life as it is today).

That means you shouldn't just squeeze these things into your life.  If you're going to work out, get up earlier or re-work your schedule so that you can make the workout a positive experience.  If you want to organize your office, take the time to review options that would employ the best layouts and organizers.  Determine a reasonable budget and formulate a plan to accomplish it so that the changes improve your day, career and life.

On the flip side, don't get so carried away that you plan more than you complete.  Set reasonable goals and be serious about keeping yourself on task so that you complete your projects.

Keep it fun

When something you are doing to improve your life begins to get stale or feels like it's more like a chore without a positive outcome, it may be time to change things around a bit.  So, if you start getting up at 5 a.m. to work out and you're not a morning person, change your schedule. This is your life, live it your way.

You wear your confidence. Who wears it best?

It's no surprise that most of us can easily recognize confident people.  Usually, we have no question about these people being capable, head strong and even a little opinionated. 

While we may not always like or agree with these people, the quality of their self-esteem provides them more happiness and success because they don't allow others to define them or define their success.  Often, such fear of what other's think of us is a major setback in taking action to achieve our goals. 

If you aren't sure of yourself, it may mean you are allowing others to define what's right for you.  One problem with this is that this is your life and when things go wrong, ultimately you pay the price.

You are smart and capable of making your life work.  If you don't believe that, not only will others doubt you, but you always fail at your plans for self-improvement. 

Taking steps to improve yourself is harder than most other tasks.  You may not always find every task enjoyable, but generally it should be a challenging experience with a positive result or a positive experience resulting in positive energy.  Believe in yourself, accomplish personal goals and you will achieve even greater goals in your lifetime.

So, make it matter, now.  Seriously.  Why wait another day, add another pound or lose anymore sleep?  Really, it's time to wake up out the "single abyss" into a new and exciting world.  Now let's try this again...

Change your life right now

Change the parts you don't like; aren't sure you like or parts you hate.  Do that right now.  Get up and change something.

Go ahead. The article will wait.  Okay, so what, you read the article first; most people do.  But success minded people have the ability to admit to former nonaction in an effort to break the cycle of failure.

It can be anything.  Change something at home, at the office, on your freakin' calendar for that matter.

Move!  No time to sit there and wonder if we are serious.  Get off your lazy bottom and find one thing you think could be better and change it.

When you get done, you'll be on your way to doing more of what matters to make your life successful. 

Because normal wasn't enough're seeking ways to make improvements.   You're more likely to be successful.  You're not satisfied with being acceptable, normal and "okay".  You want to be exceptional, so you are exceptional!

Your next goal will be a bigger one and easier to accomplish because you've found the courage, determination and willpower to make your lofty goals, actionable.

If you can't say, "This is my life. I'm living it, my way and I'm succeeding!" then you're probably getting up to change the channel on your television right now. undecided


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