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If you look back over the last year and wish life could be that good again, even though it wasn't that great to begin with, then a "life do-over" is approved. 

If looking back and your glad things aren't as bad now as they were then, even though things right now aren't so great, then a "life do-over" is most definitely approved.

All other readers welcome...

.. and said "do-over" is still available, upon acceptance that life should be good but it's not, either way, things aren't as you would like. 

If you approve this statement, then we approve your do-over.  Yada, yada, yada.  Please continue...

What exactly is a life do-over?

Life do-over /līf dü- ō-vêr/ phrase

phrase: life do-over noun: life noun: do-over

1. phrase: life do-over

2. noun: life

3. noun: do-over

What exactly should you do upon approval of said do-over?

Your life. Do it. Over.

Your life.

Keep it yours.  If you've been living someone else's life, stop!  That means, by now you should know who you are, what you want and why you want it.  That is a ground floor rebuild. 

If you're pretty much okay with things, but just feel unsettled or dissatisfied with life, don't assume you need to remove a lot from your life.  While you may have some things that could go (like your awful, miserable and positively dreadful ex), it could just be that you need some life improvements rather than a complete do-over. 

It's also possible something is missing in your life. Find it and work like a crazy b*tch to fit it into your life.

Most of what we need to remove, improve or add won't be the obvious stuff.  It may be stuff you wouldn't think causes you dissatisfaction.  So, get serious and start admitting to yourself what's broken, missing or downright annoying.  Then...

Do it.

Remove fear.  Fear of the unknown, the maybe-maybe not.  Fear that you won't make it, be good enough, smart enough, good looking enough

Who cares?!  Most successful people rarely start with it all, they just believe they have it all and then attain their personal best (which happens to be better than unsuccessful people). DUH! jk

Believe you are all of the above and others will believe it too.  Most of us won't care if you're not perfect because we're trapped in our own inferiority complex. 

The thing is most people follow more than they lead.  If you're leading, we'll follow.  But only if you believe you're good enough, smart enough and good looking enough to be in charge.  When you do, we'll believe it too. 

Those that don't believe in you are either stupid, competing with you in their dumb heads or individuals who only like people when they are down.  So, leave them out, as in, kick them out and keep them out of your life.

Or you can follow me, until you don't.  SO, DON'T!  ( I'm your big sis' and you're my little, twerp, sister)


So maybe you don't have to do your entire life over.  Most of us don't need to reinvent ourselves to make our life great!  Just don't let your failures stop you from your achievements. 

When something stops you, really drops you and leaves you for dead, that's a great time for a do-over.  Don't just get up and keep going.   Find what's missing, fix what's wrong and remove what's causing you to fail, in order to succeed.

Avoid doing something that isn't your strength.  It's easier to succeed when you know your true strengths and passions.  If what you pursue is not initially your strength, but is still something you really like, then your determination will be a most valuable asset in obtaining what you seek.  Where strength is not initially found, determination and passion must fuel your dream!

Image by PIXABAY/TheDigitalArtist

We all lose important things and people over our lifetime; how we respond to our losses is what makes a great difference.

e.g. President Lincoln lost: his job, sweetheart, business, election for House Speaker - nomination for Congress - re-nomination for Congress - land officer election - election of U.S. Senate - election for nomination for Vice President and again election for U.S. Senate before being elected President of The United States of America in 1860.

Had President Lincoln not had the determination, passion and commitment to stay in politics, despite numerous personal and political setbacks, he would not have been elected president. 

He has since been recognized as the greatest president in history as reported in an article in The Washington Post containing a 2014 survey of members of the American Political Science Association's President's and Executive Politics section.

Even if you disagree with his ranking as the greatest president, you can't deny his dedication and courage to pursue the Presidency despite his political failures.  He didn't let life setbacks, losses or what others failed to recognize in him affect his decision to continue his quests, career and politics and commit to numerous do-overs until he succeeded.

His ability to overcome his failed attempts at business and politics that would normally deter most individual's potential for outstanding achievements is the difference between someone who is a great leader and someone who accepts losing.

After all, if President Lincoln didn't persevere, his historical significance would have amounted to "some politician who was mostly unsuccessful in much of his life and career". And that would have been correct. 

His commitment to success is why his legacy is quite different.  He chose not to be a loser of many things, but a remarkable leader of a most significant country.

His image is sculpted into the granite face of Mount Rushmore, his portrait on the front of the five-dollar bill with picture of the Lincoln Memorial on back. He changed his life, our country and his historical significance. 

While it's true President Lincoln was assonated on April 15, 1865, at the age of 56, his commitment to attain his achievements indicates he accepted the risks and died as the person he was meant to become, a great leader and the 16th President of the United States of America.   Furthermore, due to his ongoing pursuits to greatness, he maintained stamina and vigor that could be responsible for his living well past the average life expectancy of 42 years old in the 1860's

Because for him, life didn't just happen to him, he made it happen for him and everything he represented, including our country.  When he failed, he did what was necessary until he succeeded.  That's why he became a great leader instead of just "some politician".

Make your own life significant.  Make history.  Make money.  Make love.  Make peace.  Approval was never necessary. 

Now you know.


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