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Best Automatic Savings Apps to make saving easy!

As part of the 2023 DMK Budget Series, our editors put together a list of the best savings apps available for easier savings success! Select the savings app that is easy to use, suited to your goals and with features that apply to the saving's part of your budget. Many are free!

What is included in this year's Budget Series?

The 2023 DMK Budget Series includes an easy-to-use guide, our budget that starts with your current budget and quickly converts it to a new simple plan, app suggestions and spending revisions to ensure your success. In addition to the guide and this article, 2021 Best Automatic Savings Apps, the series includes two additional articles, How to Save on Groceries and 2023 Best Budget Apps.

Are Budget and Savings Apps safe to use?

When choosing software or apps that require personal financial information it is best to select the app that meets your desired comfort level based on the strength of the app's systems security and encryption measures.  It is best to choose apps that have multiple reviews and recommendations from reputable sources, along with indicators available on their site or app information that indicates they have security protocol designed to keep your information safe in an effort to avoid risks of breeches and hacking.  

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2023 Best Automatic Savings Apps

1. Qapital

Automatic banking app that helps the user save money with various automatic savings methods


Cost - There are fees and minimums to get started, currently $3, $6, $12- complete details at

2. Acorns

Spare change saver- investment app that deposits spare change from each transaction you make with specified bank cards


Cost - The app is Free, but the Acorns service is $1, $2, or $3 (includes Acorns Spend checking account) depending on the plan

3. Simple

App that can help the user bank, earn and budget much higher than the national average


Cost - The app is Free and there are no associated minimums or monthly service charges for the Simple Checking Account 

4. Chime

Banking and savings app (online, mobile only bank) with easy sign-up 


Cost - The app is free but requires you to bank your money with Chime.  The fees associated with their account are currently for over the counter withdraw or foreign ATM fees (currently $2.50).  Transactions at MoneyPass® ATMs are currently fee free.

5. Digit

Tracks your spending over a period of time then suggests the customized savings plan perfect for you


Cost - $2.99 monthly fee with a 30-day Free trial and 100-day money back guarantee

All-in-one Automatic Savings and Budget Apps 

1. Albert

Set it up and forget about it. This app has a built-in automatic saver that makes it an all-in-one option for budgeting and saving


Cost - FREE for non-subscribers of the premium service called Albert Genius™ and an amount the users deems fair for the premium service with a minimum monthly fee of $4 (most subscribers pay $6)

2. Clarity Money

Budget app that has recently been acquired by Marcus, a Goldman Sachs Brand. Marcus offers no fee, fixed rate personal loans and high yield savings accounts


Cost - Free app at may undergo changes once integrated with Marcus


"You Need a Budget" is a debt management and budget app designed for those who are focused on immediate savings


Cost - $6.99 per month billed annually at $83.99 after a free 34-day trial

References: A portion of this article was created with information obtained from Forbes, "The Best Budgeting Apps of 2019", updated April 24, 2019, by: Kristin Stroller


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