There are numerous situations that can occur in a relationship that can indicate a mismatch.  It may not be that either person is a bad dating partner, but together, the relationship is doomed.

In other cases, one person in the relationship may have significant issues that become apparent early on.  What should you look for to know when it's time to move on?

 Top signs you're mismatched and in a doomed relationship

  • You've been single for a while and seek a long-term relationship - your new partner is recently divorced/separated and not ready to settle down so fast
  • Opposite schedules that don't allow the relationship to progress
  • You are done with having children, but your dating partner is interested in having them (or vice versa)
  • Either of you fail to meet the expectations of a potential long-term relationship
  • Live in different parts of the country or world and see no option for either of you moving or having reasonable amount of time to develop a relationship
  • You have children and she is not good with kids
  • You love living an active lifestyle with plenty of nightlife and friends - your dating partner is a homebody who has more interest in relaxing at home alone with a good book (sometimes opposites attract, but be cautious when it comes to mismatches in lifestyle choices)
  • You are focused on a healthy diet and lifestyle, and she overindulges in junk food and a sedentary lifestyle
  • You are a recovering alcoholic and he is not willing to make concessions in his lifestyle to support your sobriety

Top signs your with a toxic partner

    • Never present of mind when she is with you (she is always on her phone and ignores you in the presence of others)
    • More interested in your financial resources than you
    • Never does anything that indicates he is thinking about you when you are not together
    • Always talks about his ex, divorce or past
    • Never wants to discuss anything that bothers you about the relationship in order to resolve problems
    • Critical of you, your body, career or choices
    • Constantly vents about everyone and everything, but never asks about you and your life
    • Never happy or content
    • Always blames others for her problems
    • Already married to her career and no time for a new spouse
    • Puts the relationship last even after a reasonable period of time has passed
    • Compares you to his previous spouse in a negative way or wants you to be like his previous spouse (especially after talking negatively about her)
    • Uses her kids as a reason she has no time for you
    • Has a significant addiction or spending problem 
    • Talks down to you or indicates you have less value in the relationship than him


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