Following a separation or divorce you and your family are in a proverbial daze.  The rift was painful and the wake can be overwhelming.  Your budget is tight, your schedule is difficult and the kids are all out of whack.

Lawyering up against the person you formerly loved can lead to a great deal of self-doubt and endless negative emotions.  The many emotions that fill your heart and mind can cause stress that children can quickly pick-up-on, even if you try to hide it.  

You may not be able to eradicate such stress during these difficult times.  But, you will be able to reduce it a great deal when you employ some effective strategies for both you and the kids.  

By beach, pool or sprinkler

Keep your kid's life simple in complicated times

Being a summer beach bum may take practice.  It requires skills, tactics and plenty of sunscreen.  When your kids see you relax and have fun, they relax and have fun!


The skill is to clear your mind.  Allow the sun and water to wash over you and erase your worries.  Build sand castles or try the least once.  Think like...well, a bum. 

Take the hat off that says, "I need to think, constantly.  I need to be concerned.  Something big is happening in my life and I totally don't feel like I can control it." 

Ya.  That one.  Remove it.  Replace it with a cool sun visor that says absolutely nothing.  


The tactics are to leave your phone at home.  If you must bring such a dreadful "beach bum killer", then you must ignore calls from the office, chit-chatters, lawyers, ex, family members, etc.  They will just work their way into your awesome day to ruin it.  Your only job on beach bum days is to lay around, play around and have fun like you don't have a single responsibility other than the kids that are with you.


Sunscreen is so advanced these days you can even just spray it on.  One of the best ones on the market is the KIDS Wetskin® by Coppertone.  Don't beach bum without it.  

A prescription for family happiness

Make your inner beach bum fight the divorce blahs

The purpose of your beach bum holiday's are to help you find ways to cope with the anxiety and stress.  You are a leader in your household.  When you are unhappy, angry or burdened, your children will begin to emulate such emotions.  It can be a wicked cycle as the family grows more anxious and the divorce more painful and perhaps bitter.

Bad times may not always have a cure.  But there is relief.

Your beach bum days are like medicine that combats family hostility and pain.  Good days grow good memories in spite of the difficult situation your family is experiencing.  Happy memories have a lasting effect on all of you.  Don't just accept the difficult times as if there is no relief to your unhappiness. You and your children will immediately notice the benefits of these good days protecting all of you from the dark days of divorce.  

Family prescription

Your family prescription is to beach bum, as needed, in order to keep your family producing happy memories and living a simple life without worry or anxiety, one beach-bum-day at a time.  Now get out there and be a bum.  Slip-n-slide optional.


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