Good news! We have researched tons of super foods to find the top ten that will get you on the fast track to eating healthier and saying "so long fast food"! They are great tasting, vitamin rich, convenient foods ready to be included on your shopping list!

Super foods are nutrient rich fruits and vegetables that are filled with incredible amounts of nutritional value. These foods are awesome to keep you healthy, fight disease and maintain a healthy weight. But what about their taste?

Granny Smith apple instead of candy

When choosing a healthy snack there may never be a better choice than "An apple a day...".  When choosing the variety, there clearly is no rival in the orchard than a Granny Smith.  These apples have a great source of Vitamins A, C and E and have been ranked highest in nutrition according to, "3-most-nutritous-apple-varieties" along with many other sources and studies.  They are a good source of fiber and polyphenols which aid in digestive health.  The antioxidants in these apples are linked to fighting cancer, inflammatory conditions and obesity related disease.  

A medium sized apple is usually around 80 calories and is a "super healthy" alternative for weight control management compared to a bag of chips or candy bar.  The best time to buy Granny Smith apples is when they are in season to ensure you are getting the most nutrition from the apple. Apple season is approximately August through November.  Always buy organic apples since the skin is the most nutrient rich part of the fruit and will also have the most pesticide residue (on non -"organic apples") which is worse for you than the fruit is good.

Almonds instead of a bag of chips

25% of your daily nutritional value of magnesium in a small handful of almonds is just the beginning.  They fight cravings and promote healthy weight loss.  Packed with fiber they are safe to eat daily but it's best to eat no more than 23 almonds a day which is about 165 calories. 

There are two types of almonds, sweet and bitter.  Bitter almonds must be roasted to remove the hydrogen cyanide which can be lethal, even in small quantities.  The United States does not allow for the sale of unprocessed bitter almonds. 

Almonds have healthy fats, robust nutrients like fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin A make them a primary, convenient snack important to meet your daily nutritional value.

Blueberries instead of fast food pies

When it comes to berries these little blue guys pack a punch!  Based on the amount and variety of antioxidants, blueberries are rated to be one of the most nutritional berry in the world, beating out strawberries and blackberries. 

They have a good source of fiber and healthy living compounds like Resveratrol, anthocyanin and other phytonutrients (also found in red wine) great for your heart and brain. Blueberries make a super healthy snack or topper.  One cup of berries will run you about 84 calories.  They are rich in Vitamin K, Manganese, Vitamin C.  They also have folate, iron, zinc, copper to round out a "just as perfect as it gets" berry.  

Red wine instead of soda

One glass a day, keeps the cardiologist at bay.  Red wine increases your HDL cholesterol levels as it contains those ever necessary antioxidants like Resveratrol and saponins, both linked to cardiovascular health.  So, relax with one glass of your favorite red wine, but stop there.  Unfortunately, the benefits change to drawbacks with a risk for high blood pressure when you enjoy more than one glass a day.  

Dark chocolate instead of mocha frappe 

Dark chocolate containing 60% or more real cacao is filled with flavonols and antioxidants like wine, berries and apples.  It is excellent for vascular health and has fewer calories than milk chocolate.  It is shown to reduce unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) levels which prevents atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) which can lead to stroke, heart attack or pulmonary embolism.

Eggs instead of a fast food breakfast sandwich 

Quality protein that is better than beef, milk, whey or soy.  Two eggs are only 144 calories and have 12 grams of protein.  The yolks are filled with powerful choline that has been shown to protect heart and brain function.  While there is always bad buzz about the cholesterol in the yolks, the choline actually helps prevent cholesterol and fat from accumulating in the liver.  Eggs take less than five minutes to cook and have multiple preparation options from which to choose.

Avocados instead of nacho dip

Reduce your risk for diabetes, cancer and heart disease with the monosaturated fats in an avocado. Also, avocados are known to be good for eye and skin health as a source for antioxidants and lutein.  This super fruit is full of A, D, E and B6 along with lots of protein. Whip up some guacamole with avocados and replace your nachos with cheese with pita chips and guacamole dip for a healthy alternative for a snack.

There is quite an online buzz about the benefits of this fruit as a hair mask to smooth and moisturize dry hair.  It moisturizes & strengthens hair, promotes hair growth, nourishes hair roots and locks and prevents dandruff.

Coffee instead of high-energy drinks

If you noticed, the key to many superfoods is mega-powerful antioxidants.  Coffee has caffeine which acts as an antioxidant, kmown to fight free radicals. Studies continually show that coffee consumption lowers the risk of pre-mature death, reduces the risk for diabetes, cirrhosis, gallstones and dementia.  It is linked to fewer deaths due to heart disease, neurological disorders and suicide.  The countless studies that indicate a longer life span due to those who drink a moderate amount of coffee is significant enough to realize the benefits of this drink are too good to pass up.  

The antioxidants allow the body to repair damage to cells attacked by free-radicals and have been shown to have anti-aging affects and show benefits to those suffering from brain related problems like Parkinson's.  Coffee is good for asthma and headache relief and has antibacterial and antiadhesive qualities that offer cavity protection.   Enjoying as many as 3-5 cups a day will get you on your way to living longer and disease prevention!  Just remember to discontinue coffee consumption by early afternoon to ensure a good night's sleep.

Turmeric instead of salt

Skip the sugar, keep the spice and reduce your swelling without all the ice.  For 3000 years turmeric has been used to aid in the art of healing.  Known to increase blood flow, alleviate pain, restore a woman's menstrual cycle and alleviate congestion; this spice has been used for so much more than food flavoring.  If you seek a way to naturally deal with arthritis this spice is perfect to add to your favorite meals.  Some studies have shown the use of curcumin an active compound found in turmeric may reduce the size of tumors and slow the growth of some cancers such as colon and pancreatic types.  As always, do not overuse this natural substitute for pain medication. Turmeric supplements are available if you don't want to use it as a seasoning.  Turmeric should be taken no more than 500mg/daily 3 times a day.  Check with your family physician before starting or stopping any medication or supplement.

Almond milk instead of dairy milk

Low, low, low calories with the same great benefits as dairy milk make this a super powerful addition to your menu.  Plenty of calcium to keep your bones strong and 60-80% lower calories.  Almond milk is produced with or without flavorings such as vanilla and is great for cereal and recipes, such as those for smoothies that call for milk.  Replace your normal fast food breakfast sandwich for a low calorie banana, almond milk with vanilla flavoring and a teaspoon of cocoa as a replacement for a fast food breakfast sandwich and you will be on your way to a healthier day!  Whip up some guacamole with avocados and replace your nachos with cheese with pita chips and guacamole dip for a healthy alternative for a snack.


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