Part of living as a human being is being human.  Making choices and decisions that may or may not be good- 

In life, absolute perfectionism threatens our ability to reach beyond pure certainty and into the possible.  As the possibilities prove right or wrong, we find something more telling, the opportunity for free-thinking. 

This is our right to choose as we would, for the benefit of our own belief system, rights and possibilities.  In some cases, our choices and their outcomes are subjective and in the eye of the beholder.  However, all too often as we reach beyond the depths of certainty, we find what we hoped would be proven is actually incorrect or vice versa.   However, the journey itself is worth the exploration. 

Without such limitless questions, the basic celebration of our autonomy and life would be restricted from fully living.  We should have the courage to discover the answers to questions some never knew needed to be asked.  We should value humanity and our right to evolve both socially and individually by seeking answers despite our fears of potential consequence.  

One of the most difficult things to acknowledge when getting a divorce is that we made mistakes in our marriage or that one or both spouses failed in some way.  While the errors may not lead directly to the good things in our life, the purpose of divorce is to remove the boundaries an unhappy marriage established, acknowledge our mistakes for the purposing of self-improvement, let go of our pain and find happiness once again.  In doing so, we are provided the chance to discover some of the greatest opportunities in our lives. 

Freedom to make the journey

New opportunities, love, renewed happiness can all start with admitting to a failed relationship.  The freedom to love and lose provides the same freedom to seek personal fulfilment and the possibility to love once again.

Find the examples of reason that didn't allow an error to be considered a fault.  Instead find it to be an asset in an effort to discover, realize and further believe that humanity and error is the "real" perfection of the universe that gives us more than absolute.  It gives us the power to live with the maximum freedoms life provides.  First we must learn to overcome our fear of failure and mistakes in order to see more possibilities in and/or beyond our losses.  

A mistake explains the universe

Referred to by Albert Einstein as his biggest blunder, his term called a cosmological constant, inserted into his theory of general relativity, followed physicists' belief, at the time, the universe was stationary. 

Once it became known that the universe was actually not static, instead it was expanding, Einstein abandoned the constant as the "biggest blunder" of his life. 

Later, it's been proven to explain the counterforce to gravity, called dark energy, thought to be the cause of the expansion of the universe.  A new study confirmed Einstein's cosmological constant is the most accurate explanation of this dark energy.

Post this mistake on a Post-it

Inventor Spencer Silver worked on developing an ultra-strength adhesive for 3-M laboratories.  Instead he discovered a sticky compound that could be used on paper for easy removal.  His colleague used the substance to hold his bookmark in place and the first Post-it was invented.

Mistake that kills infections

Alexander Fleming failed to wash several laboratory petri dishes and later found that they had been contaminated with bacteria colonies.  One dish had a patch of mold that prevented the growth of bacteria.  This caused him to investigate the bacteria killing properties of the substance that later became known as penicillin.  Not only has this mistake saved between 80 to 200 million lives, but research based on penicillin that later resulted in other antibiotic medicines has helped and saved an unquantifiable amount of patients.  A clear example of how one mistake, a failure, can not only lead to one immensely positive result, but lead to more questions that can produce answers that continue to change the world.  

1.4 million jobs in America from one mistake

Charles Goodyear a bankrupt hardware merchant turned self-taught chemist and manufacturing engineer accidentally boiled sulfur with rubber.  This was the first known production of what is now referred to as plastic.  While Goodyear never found financial success from the discovery and actually died $200,000 in debt; his family did receive royalties that provided them a quite a comfortable life and legacy.  The plastic industry has 16,000 manufacturing facilities in the United States.  Plastic is easily recycled.  According to NAPCOR over 300% of plastic bottles sold in the U.S. were recycled in 2015.  The computer or phone you are using right now to read this article is primarily comprised of plastic materials along with many things used in your everyday life, from one simple mistake.

Failed melt-down leads to a yummy mistake

Ruth Graves Wakefield was looking to make a chocolate cookie with broken up pieces of chocolate in her regular cookie mixture.  Instead, the chunks of chocolate failed to completely melt and the first chocolate chip cookies were baked.

Print this mistake on your ink-jet printer

A Japanese engineer for Canon®, Ichiro Endo, accidentally rested his pen on a hot iron by accident.  The hot ink was ejected out of the pen moments later which gave him the idea for the first ink-jet printer.

Swing and miss is no mistake

Babe Ruth held the all-time record for career strikeouts.  His record held for 35 years until Mickey Mantle came along and held the record for 14 years.  Then Willie Stargell and Reggie Jackson held the record in subsequent years.  All were heavy hitters and inner circle Hall of Famers who knew it was better to swing and miss for the chance to get some big league hits.


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