What makes you feel younger isn't always what you did in your youth.  After all, most of us flew by the seat of our pants, rarely got enough sleep and probably didn't know the meaning of refined carbs or how they affected our body.   

Now we're older, wiser and unfortunately, feeling like the wiser part is hardly enough to make us appreciate the older part.  What can we do to regain some of that youthful spirit that made articles like this one, along with everything else that "old" people read or concerned themselves with, totally fail to register on the radar?  How can we get to feel younger again?

It may sound too simple, but the most accessible and easy fix to regaining a little pep in your step is to stay active, social and healthy.  In fact, each of these contribute to the other. Together they can get you feeling 10 years younger!  Here are 10 ideas to get you started and some bonus ideas to keep you going.

1. Make new friends. 

Sometimes it's a good idea to start generating new friends if you have lost touch with friends over the years or grown to have different interests.  If you meet recent divorcees you may be able to support each other through the tough times while moving towards a new direction in your lives.  Just keep your divorcee gripe sessions to a minimum and terminate any friends that become toxic in your life.

2. Go roller skating 

The music is upbeat and it will make you feel re-energized!  Don't be afraid to take a spill here and there, just don't get going too fast where you could get injured!  But have fun and take the kids or grandkids!  They love when you do something that they like too!  It will be a great way to make new happy memories!

3. Get a new hair style or updated look

We all get set in our ways and comfortable in how we look, what we wear and who we are.  But who we are can get a little tired along the way.  So, go shopping and try some new looks.  Be daring, but don't buy what you'll never wear.  If getting a new hairstyle,  just remember to be prepared with a picture of an example of the style you're seeking.

4. Take some classes at the local college

Taking night classes with working adults to improve your career, learn a new hobby or just take a class offered in a continuing education program can make you feel much younger!  It also gives you an opportunity to stay busy on nights the kids are with your ex.  You'll have a chance to meet others who have similar interests and an opportunity to make those new friends we mentioned earlier.

5. Go biking 

Biking for long distances is much easier than walking.  It allows you to see more sights and enjoy some exercise at the same time.  Get a satchel or basket, pack a lunch and a book and set-off for a destination that allows for some relaxation mixed with a reasonable workout!  Do this once-a-week and cycle a few more times for 20 minutes per ride.  Your legs will get stronger and mind will be clearer!

6. Start weight training 

As we get older we start to lose muscle, our metabolism slows and heart health declines.  A great way to fight this is to start reasonable weight training.  After checking with your physician to make sure this is ok, get into a gym or buy some starter weights.  It's best to workout with a trainer, but if it's not in your budget for time or money then go to you local library and get a weight training DVD to employ the best techniques.

7. Dance

Need we say more?  Really.  Who doesn't feel 10 years younger after dancing?  You could learn to ballroom dance, go dancing with friends or go on a date.  Feel free to feel uninhibited on the dance floor.  You don't have to look super cool, just go out and have fun!  Don't worry what everyone else thinks!   That's the best way to learn how to be a great dancer, build confidence and feel younger!  

8. Get a new car

Cliche'?  Maybe, But who cares.  You only live once and time is ticking away.  So live a little.  Go car shopping and find a car that makes your everyday journey a little more fun, safe and comfortable!  This may not be for everyone, especially if it would affect your current unsettled divorce, be an "emotional purchase" or if you're on a tight budget.  But, you can always shop for a future purchase.  It gives you a "me" goal for motivation.  It may be time to ditch the old mini van and get a new car more suited to you.  Just make sure to buy within your budget.

9. Add some healthy eating habits. 

Don't clean out your entire kitchen, but start avoiding a few unhealthy things at the store and add in some healthy options.  Skip chips and add veggie sticks (ranch if you must), avoid red meat and opt for skin free chicken or turkey.  Avoid soda and drink water.  Just don't overdo it at first.  A major change is much more difficult to stick to as opposed to a few modifications that slowly overhaul a poor diet.  You'll be feeling younger and slimmer in no time!

10. Redecorate

Nothing brightens our mood like a fresh coat of paint!  Sometimes we get to feeling like our environment.  If you have some outdated décor or let the place go a bit, you may want to pick a room to revitalize.  You could do as little as re-arrange the furniture, organize and add some fresh paint or you could do a complete remodel.  Just make it your own!  You'll feel refreshed every time you spend time in your redecorated room!

Bonus ideas to consider:

  • Start a new business.  It should be something for which you have a sincere interest and could turn a reasonable profit.  It's scary, exciting and filled with anticipation!  Just like when you were younger, thinking about your future.  Often our problem is that when we get so many years behind us, we fail to forward think.  A new business forces us to do that!
  • Go on a blind date.  Don't expect to find love or your next spouse.  Take the pressure off, "could this be the one?", and just enjoy meeting someone new.
  • Do activities that bring back good memories.  Go to a ballgame, take in an action movie or do any activity you enjoyed and inspire good memories from your youth.  This may sound too simple, but it works and you will feel younger!  Remember, you're only as old as you feel, so do what makes you feel younger and promotes a healthier you in mind, body and spirit!
  • Get out of the house and go anywhere.  In fact, go places you never go.  Most of you have museums, parks, landmarks and libraries within 60 minutes of your home.  Go to a pub and watch the game instead of sitting at home.  Just go!  
  • Start a blog!  Write about something you know.  We all have an area of expertise.  There are numerous sites that can get your blog up and running by the end of today.  They have turn-key templates that just need you to fill in the information and viola! you'll have your own blog!  
  • Enjoy your independence.  Don't wait for friends and family to accompany you.  Take some time doing things on your own.  Find strength in your independence and you'll feel empowered.  Empowerment gives tons of positive energy.  Lack of energy is what slows us down as we age.  So, this is instant youth in one activity.
  • Get up to date on technology.  Nothing will make you feel old as when kids know more about social media than you do.  Stop asking your grandkids to help you with your phone or your kids to set up your web accounts.  Join the younger generations and get tech savvy!



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