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It's not always easy to know where to begin when seeking a new career.  DMK put together a list of the top career fields based on factors related to growth, demand, pay and industry. 

Cyber Security Consultant

Protects the systems and networks of an organization against cyber threats that could compromise the organization and/or it's customers.

Industry: Technology

Education: Associates of Applied Science (Cyber Security Technicians) or Bachelors of Computer Science or related field

Average Salary: $90,119

Financial Manager

Assists clients and/or businesses in managing monetary risk and assess opportunities for financial gain.  Develops financial reports and analysis to provide factual data based on financial observations in business operations.  Anticipated growth for this field is 18.7% by 2026 (108,600 jobs).

Industry: Financial, Banking or Business (controller, treasurer, financial officer, risk manager)

Education: Bachelors or Masters Degree in Business Administration with Emphasis in Finance or other related discipline.

Average Salary: $105,035

Physical Therapist

Provides care and treatment plans for injured or ill patients for the purpose to improve mobility, manage pain and rehabilitation.  Anticipated growth is 28% by 2026 (6,100 jobs).

Industry: Healthcare

Education: DPT Program Completion (typically 3 years) following a Bachelors Degree and education prerequisites

Average Salary: $87,930

Physical Therapist Assistant

Provides direct care to patients under the supervision and instruction of a physical therapist. The anticipated growth by 2026 is 30% (42,700 jobs).

Industry: Healthcare

Education: Associates and Licensure

Average Salary: $58,040

Software Developer

Develops, updates and fixes software applications for projects and developments of specific organizations for both smartphone and web applications.

Industry: Technology

Education: Based on experience/Preferred Bachelors or Masters in computer science or related discipline

Average Salary: $80,018

IT Consultant

Provides consultation to clients to integrate consumer management systems and general business software systems to improve profit, customer and employee support and for the purpose of providing analytics and tracking data. 

Industry: Technology

Education: Based on experience/Preferred Bachelors or Masters in computer science or related discipline

Average Salary: $62,161

Registered Nurse

Provides care for patients based on physician direction to include: administering medication, managing IV's, observing patient conditions and maintaining records and communications with physicians. Anticipated growth for the field of nursing is 15% by 2026 (438,100 jobs).

Industry: Healthcare

Education: Registered Nursing Degree (Associates) plus licensure.

Average Salary: $69,270

Nurse Anesthetist

Maintains patient sedation while monitoring blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate during procedures.  This is a growing field that is expected to assume nearly a 20% increase over the next 7 years (6,800 jobs).

Industry: Healthcare 

Education: Registered Nursing Degree (Associates) or BSN (Bachelors) plus 1 year clinical experience prior to entering the graduate program. Licensure is required.

Average Salary: $157,000

Occupational Therapist

Provides assistance and therapy with everyday life challenges to individuals with physical limitations.  Duties include: developing a treatment plan based on patient evaluation and current living situation.  The anticipated growth for this field is 23.8% by 2026 (31,000 jobs).

Industry: Healthcare

Education: Master's Degree and Licensure

Average Salary: $80,782

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

Assists the occupational therapist in providing care for patients.  Works directly with patients based on the treatment plan or recommendations prescribed by the occupational therapist.  Growth estimation for this field is 28% by 2026 (13,200 jobs).

Industry: Healthcare

Education: Associates and Licensure

Average Salary: $60,341

Physician Assistant

Common duties of the PA include: taking patient history, conducting exams, diagnosing patients, writing prescriptions.  The PA also works closely with doctors and nurses in family, emergency, surgery and psychiatric medicine.

Industry: Healthcare

Education: Master's Degree and Licensure

Average Salary:$104,860


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