Many of you are busy with the typical challenges of everyday life.  Maybe you started an account on Facebook® or LinkedIn®.  But, who has the time to research the hottest social media apps that can supercharge your social circle, career or creative genius? 

What you need are some fast facts about these top social media opportunities.  We can tell you how many daily or monthly users and what each has to offer that make it a new "must have" for 2020.  Now get socializing!


Would you like to find others in your area that share a similar interest, hobby or background? Find people and groups near where you live who get together to do the things they love. Even if you lost touch with friends over the years, can help you make new friends and form new connections with others who share similar goals and interests. Get online, register and join a group in your city today.

Founded: June 12, 2002

Total Users: 35 Million


Meet new people make connections with friends and family members.  Post videos, pictures and updates.  Follow favorite businesses, websites and local artists or musicians to get the latest updates and happenings.  You can play games or back up photos to personal albums.  Get updates about local social events and make plans with friends and family.  Sell or buy locally using Facebook Marketplace®.  

Founded: Feb. 4, 2004

Daily Users: 1.52 billion 


Share videos, photos and messages in a creative way!  Users can view and tag other user's content and follow what's trending.  It's estimated that over 35% of adults have an Instagram account and the figure is climbing.  This simple platform is quickly growing into a great investment for Facebook® who purchased Instagram® for $1 billion in cash and stock in 2012.  It's current estimated value is $100 billion.

Founded: Oct 6, 2010

Daily Users: Over 500 million


News and social networking site where the users have limited character space to interact with each other.  Each message known as a tweet is restricted to 280 characters to ensure it is true to the "tweeting" format.  Each member can post, like or retweet messages.  Unregistered users can only read the tweets but can not interact with the members.

Founded: Mar. 21, 2006

Daily Users: Over 100 million


Unique to career and business oriented social media; this network is important for any career minded individual.  Manage your professional profile with an easy-to-use platform.  Form connections with members and non-members, keep up on current opportunities, ideas and industry changes.

Founded: Dec. 28, 2002

Daily Users: Over 240 million


Share photos, videos and captions for a moment-in-time before it disappears (unless someone takes a screen shot).  Everything you share can be as unique as you are with filters, lenses and bitmojis. Try Snapchat® Stories which are a series of Snaps that play in the order the Snaps were taken.  Earn Trophies from Snapchat® for special achievements in creative sharing. 

Founded: Sep. 2011

Daily Users: 190 million



Global community of users sharing unique, edgy and short-form videos!  Video story-telling as no other social media app can provide.  TikTok® provides relevant, interesting videos from millions of creators.  Add your own inspired videos created with your favorite music, emojis and face stickers!

Founded: Sep. 2016

Daily Users: Over 150 million (China)

Monthly Users Worldwide 500 million



Social media web and mobile app for the ever curious, creative genius who wants to share ideas and get inspired!  Share recipes, home ideas and style tips for small to large scale projects.  Get help with fashion and fitness, travel and design concepts.  You'll use Pins as visual bookmarks for sharing through Pinterest®.

Founded: Mar. 2010

Monthly Users: Over 265 million


American video and music-sharing mega-site that allows users to upload individual videos and share with family and friends.  Users can embed permitted videos on their blogs or have their own channel on the site.  Non-users can view globally inspired videos and music.  Google® acquired YouTube® in 2006 for $1.65 Billion and is now considered a subsidiary of Google®.  It's current estimated value is $14.52 Billion.

Founded: Feb. 2005

Daily Users: Over 30 million


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