First dates are usually different from the first time you meet someone.  So, rule number one, get the introduction out of the way before the first date.  

It will make the date less awkward and give you an opportunity to get to know each other.  This gives you a better chance to select a venue that is based on both of your interests.  

Use the list below to identify your mutual interests and find the recommended places you could meet 

If you're both into music

  • Concerts
  • Live music at local pubs
  • Free concerts in the park
  • Acoustic music on the patio
  • Piano bar
  • Symphony 
  • Events at a conservatory

Tips: Since it's your first date, try to plan drinks or a light dinner before your event so that you can continue to talk and get to know more about your date.  Concerts and live music are great, but it won't give you two much time to converse.  Also, where there is music, there may be dancing.  So, if you are totally not the dancing type, you may want to decide on a new place.  The same goes for all venues: don't drink/avoid a bar, bad ankle/avoid venues with standing room only, not into classical music avoid the symphony.  Seems obvious, but don't try to impress your date with plans that "don't include you".  So, plan it like you thought about your mutual interests.

If you're both foodies

  • Food raves
  • Food and celebratory festivals
  • Ethnic cuisine restaurants
  • Local eateries
  • Food trucks
  • Picnics with gourmet food and wine

Tips:  It's tempting to want to make dinner for your new date at home.  If you just met once or twice, hold off on home dates for a while until you both had a chance to get to know each other.  Any of the above locations are perfect for a first date.  You can add a movie, dancing or live music before or after dinner.

If you're both into nature

  • Parks
  • Walks
  • Zoo
  • Hikes
  • Science Center
  • Botanical Garden
  • Animal Sanctuary
  • Islands by ferry

Tips: This should be planned at a time that is pleasant temperature and a season where the bugs and mosquitos are not swarming.  These locations may be better for a second date depending on a multitude of factors.  But, if she really shows a strong interest in outdoor activities rather than dinner and a movie, then go for it.  Also, she should know where you plan to go so that she wears comfortable clothes and shoes for the date.

If you're both super active or into nature

  • Rock climbing
  • Bunge jumping
  • Cycling 
  • Walking trails
  • Canoeing or sailing

Tips: Despite these being super awesome choices for your date who lives an active lifestyle; they may be best for a second date.  If you are sure, it's a place your date would love to go and you feel it would provide a great opportunity to get to know each other, then pick a park, trail or indoor/outdoor rock-climbing facility and get going!  Just remember to let your date know ahead of time to wear the right shoes and clothes.


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