Depending on how long you have been in a committed relationship, you may enter the dating scene and wonder if you actually entered the Twilight Zone. 

There are brand new ways to meet people, brand new terms to refer to what you do with each other, new ways to communicate and who the heck knows what your new date-hopeful will think of one of these wink?

Then you have to meet each other!  Ya. Today's dating scene is as intimidating as it is exciting!  You may wonder if it's you or all these changes that make it hard to navigate.  In fact, it may be a little of both.

Many of us have been out of the dating scene for years.  We were different then.  We had less inhibition about our bodies, our image and relationships.  We have learned a lot and been hurt a little or possibly vice versa. 

Regardless, we are cautious, but, remain open minded to try these new ways to get-in-touch with old friends and meet new love interests.  But, if you don't have time to navigate the rough waters alone, we put together Dating 101.  It's a great way to stay-up with all the latest ways to meet new people, what to do once you do and how to make your dating life a success!                            

       DATING 101