Singles cruises are cruises that are hosted or planned by a travel agency or cruise ship company with focus on single travelers.  It's meant for travelers who wish to meet new people and have the potential to make a love connection.

Games, speed dating and social gatherings on the cruise make the environment conducive for individuals to make friends while enjoying a vacation upon a luxury cruise ship.  

Is everyone single on the ship?

No.  Usually, the singles cruise will be open to anyone.  The main difference between a singles cruise and other cruises is the numerous activities planned for single guests.  Also, since typical cruises have a small percentage of single guests, they have a difficult time meeting others.  Singles cruises usually have a high percentage of singles on the cruise so they organize cocktail parties, on-board activities, shore excursions & single guest dining so that individuals can get to know one another.

Can I select a singles cruise that focuses on a specific age range?

While most of the cruises are open to all ages; many offer gatherings and events on the cruise that are geared towards specific age groups.  Talk with your travel agent or cruise planner regarding the planned events.   Most singles cruises have a large turnout from ages 30-50.

Does the cruise have an even split of men and women? 

No.  There is no guarantee that the cruise will have an even number of men and women.  However, sometimes the cruise planner or travel agent will be able to give you an idea of the ratio of men and women prior to the cruise.

Can I book this cruise with my typical travel agent?

It depends on the cruise ship and organizer of the cruise itself.  Ask your travel agent about singles cruises they offer and any specific cruise for which you are interested.  You may have to use a specific agency, cruise planner or contact the cruise ship directly for more information.

What is a singles supplement, and can it be avoided?

A singles supplement is part of the fees from cruise ships that guests incur to room alone.  The fee can be avoided if the guest shares a Stateroom with another single guest.   Another option is to travel with a friend if the guest does not wish to share a room with a stranger. Usually, the cost of the singles supplement is significant, and many guests do not pay the supplement in order to save money. 

If you do not pay the supplement, you will be paired with a same sex, single guest on the cruise.  Some cruises offer room-mate matching services to include age and smoking preference, but it is not offered on all singles cruises.  

Is it better to travel alone or with a friend on these cruises?

It depends on your personality.  If you do not wish to pay the singles supplement fee which makes up for the cost of a roommate, then you will likely share your room with a stranger unless traveling with a friend.  You will also attend the shows and activities alone unless you meet someone aboard.  Traveling with a friend may provide you a sense of companionship but may limit your likelihood to socialize independently.  If traveling with a friend and with the interest to meet new people, it may be a good idea to attend some events alone.

Is the singles cruise a good idea for single parents?

Most cruise ships offering singles cruises have numerous kids-only activities and evening babysitting so that you can participate in the planned singles events.  Most ships welcome children of all ages and some ships offer Single-Parents-Only cruises.  Discuss the various options with your travel planner.

Besides singles activities, what else is there to do on a cruise?

You won't get bored on a cruise.  Most cruises offer a great deal of activities that include swimming, exercise, classes, games, gambling, Broadway-style shows, contests, dance classes, dances, mixers, shore excursions, etc.  The ships are similar to mega-hotels and are vested in providing continuous activities to maintain guest relations.  

Before booking a cruise, it is best to find out as much as possible about what is included in the upfront cruise cost and what activities, food or drinks will be extra.


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