Once you decide to date you may consider joining an online dating site in hopes of finding the perfect match.  The key to finding the right person and limiting the number of "bad dates" is to have access to honest and descriptive profiles along with providing such a profile for others to view.

Your profile should catch the attention of others.  You should avoid telling your life story or being too wordy; at the same time, it should be descriptive enough to gain the attention of someone with similar interests and goals.

Avoid negativity and keep it fun and flirty

Be lighthearted and include a bit of humor in your profile.  Don't make it complicated and avoid referring to past relationships or negative opinions of others unless you want to attract negative people or no one at all.  Try to focus mostly on what you seek instead of what you don't.  A few mentions of what you're not looking for in a date are fine, but it should be less than 10% of your profile.

Hobbies and interests

Talk a bit about your hobbies and interests.  Tell them how you developed these interests and any recent travels or events you have attended as a result.  According to eHarmony®, a leading online dating site, 64% of those polled in a recent study indicated common interests are important.  Incompatibility is also a leading cause of divorce.  

Good grammar

It's important to use good grammar and simple language in your profile.  It says a lot about you and your background if you have good communication skills and are able to write effectively in order to get and keep the attention of site subscribers.

Don't write too much

Give some information about yourself, your interests and hobbies.  But don't make it so wordy that your average viewer won't take the time to read it.  Most people are skimmers, they read over the profiles rather than word-for-word.  You're just trying to gain some interest, not tell your life story.  Keeping it brief will encourage a better response and still leave something new to talk about when you meet someone. 

Also, remember you are listing information about yourself to a great deal of people you don't know.  Never list anything about where you live, work, hang-out or other information that may put you at risk.  Risks can include personal safety, fraud or fundamental privacy infringements.  

Good photos

Regardless what you think others should consider in your profile, the majority of those who wish to meet someone new are still very interested in physical attraction.  It's important to provide great selfies and pictures that represent your current appearance and life. 

They should also reflect your personal interests and attributes.  Don't post pictures of you at the gym if you work-out once a month.  Make sure the pictures don't misrepresent your features, weight or age.  It's okay to do some editing and touch-up to the photos; but, don't make the person in the picture look completely different then the person they meet. 

Honest representation

Simply stated, "Don't lie."

Why meet someone on false pretenses.  If you plan on a quick fling, be honest.  Don't be a predator who lies about what he/she is, does, has or wants in hopes the relationship will end before a potential "love interest" finds out.  Common "misrepresentations" include: income, weight, marital status, relationship goals, career, kids, unresolved feelings for his/her ex, etc. 

Don't expect a long-term relationship on false representations either.  Be yourself if you want to really find someone who loves and accepts "you".  It may take a little longer to find the right person to reach out to you or for him/her to accept your request to get know him/her better.  But, the alternative is never meeting that special someone because you're wasting your time meeting a bunch of people who aren't really meeting you, rather their meeting someone you think they want you to be, which makes you totally the wrong person and vice-versa.  Worse is to actually marry such a person only for another marriage to end in divorce.

Questions start a conversation

One of the best ways to engage your viewer is to ask a question.  It makes your profile interactive and encourages others to respond.  It can be specific to your interests as they relate to what you seek in that special someone. 

e.g. "I am interested in meeting someone who is physically active and enjoys running.  I just participated in my first marathon and realized I may have done better with more interval training.  Overall it was a good experience but am wondering if there are better ways to train for such a marathon?  If you are a marathon participant, what strategies have you used to improve your time?"

Ask a friend

Before you upload your profile it may be a good idea to have a friend or family member take a look.  It's better to get feedback from the opposite sex, if possible, so that they can give you their impression of your profile and pictures you selected.  Ask them to review for grammar and overall impression.  Be open minded to their advice and what you could edit, add or improve to increase your response.



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