You're not alone if the world of online dating site selfies eludes you a bit.  You gotta' love the creative flare some have for the selfie extravaganza.  But, if it still leaves you feeling like your selfies are not quite ready for the big time dating sites, then we have some great ideas for you!

The selfie 

A selfie is a picture you take of yourself and usually with your phone's camera.  You can add a selfie stick which extends the camera away from you so that you can get a better angle or more in the shot.  

What is the best setting for taking selfies?

Take selfies outside in natural light  Outside lighting is natural and more flattering.  The sun or other light source should be in front of you to avoid a glare or unclear shot.  This will also soften your features and reduce shadows or glares that could affect the quality of the shot.  Don't use a flash to avoid red eye or distortions.

How should I hold the camera for the best shot?

The camera should be held slightly above your head and angled down toward you.  However, experiment with different angles based on your features.  A natural smile can be produced with laughter or you could do poses that compliment specific features of your face or body.  

What should I do to make my selfies interesting?

Show off your personality in your selfies.  The selfies should be more than good pictures.  They should be representational of who you are, what you do and even your inner goofball.  Don't be afraid to take some odd pictures.  They can be great talking points to get the conversation started between you and other members of the site.

How many selfies should I include?

It's best to have 3 or more profile pics that may or may not be selfies.  People are visual and it's good to have a few different pictures in different light, angles and activities.

Ideas for selfies


If you love the outdoors, take a cool outside shot with a background of a park and natural scenery.  You can use a selfie stick to get your "whole outdoor" look and background in the shot.  Wear your sunglasses to add to the affect of the outdoor picture.


If you talk about your pets in your profile or are a pet enthusiast then take some pictures of you and your pets.   Cute pets get attention and give others something to talk to you about, especially if they are a pet owner too!


These are more and more popular and if you have a cool car can really score big points!  It shows you are spontaneous and can take a quick selfie while "out and about".  Sunglasses are fine in these pics too!  Don't try to be too "Joe Cool", they can end up looking so, very not cool.

Sexy or body shots

The sexy puckered "duck" lips are common, but remember you want to look sexy not cliche' so use with caution.  If you recently got into shape and want to show off your body include some respectful body shots.  Don't over do it with these selfies or you may come across as a bit egocentric or like you have no time for a relationship when you factor in your gym time.


If your profile talks about your busy social life or interest thereof, get some selfies or other pictures of you and your friends having fun!  It shows you are looking for someone who appreciates your independent, fun loving personality who likes to balance work, life, relationship and social life!

Home & Family

Many people share selfies and pictures of themselves, their home and family.  It demonstrates you consider your family and home life as a strong part of your identity and seek someone with similar values.  Just don't overdo the family pictures.  Remember you are sharing these pictures with strangers not with friends and family on your Facebook® page. You can always share more pictures with those you like once you start communicating offsite.  

What should I avoid in a selfie?

Don't include selfies that are super outdated unless specified that way.  You should not include anything that is non-representational of how you really look, act or wish to be considered.  If you recently put on a few pounds, you should take new selfies so that your date knows who to expect.

Your selfies should not cover a majority of your face and should not be disrespectful.  If you include pictures of others, you should get their permission and be cautious of sharing anything that may be deemed private or personal that could affect the safety of you or others in the picture.

Can a selfie be too good?

Yes.  Despite many individuals finding interest in profile information, the majority of people still find physical attributes a big portion of their attraction to a potential dating partner. 

If you are getting a lot of first dates and no call-backs, then your selfies may not represent how you really look in person.  Make sure they represent you and your personality.  Avoid wasting time meeting someone who is attracted to your "not really me" selfie, but, not the real you.


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