Men and women have different value systems and divorce is one more way this is demonstrated.   DMK has facts about men and divorce to provide reasons why you and your spouse may have a dissimilar experience and opinion of outcome following the same divorce.

Interesting Facts about Men and Divorce

Attorneys indicate gender reversal when it comes to paying support

According to an article on the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that 56% of attorneys who specialize in divorce have seen an increase in mothers paying child support.  47% have indicated an increase of ex-wives paying their former spouses' alimony.  

It shouldn't matter if you are a man or woman.  If one spouse provided more care and responsibility at home causing their income or potential to earn an income to decrease, there may be an opportunity to request support.  A vocational expert is often used to determine the spouse's potential for higher earnings following divorce.

Men may be too giving

Men who formerly took a great role regarding marital finances or those who initiate divorce often want to provide a lopsided settlement to their spouse based on guilt or feelings of closeness for their soon-to-be-ex.  While considerations should be made based on both spouses' earnings potential, issues that were detrimental to either spouse's financial gain and housing circumstances (especially for the children's primary caregiver), men should not overpay based on emotional attachment or feelings of guilt.

Fast Facts about men and divorce has some interesting facts collected regarding divorce and men.  Some interesting ones are listed below:

  • Most men in their first marriage, divorce at 30.5 years of age.  If they marry again and divorce, they usually do so by 39.3 years of age
  • If a man is 2 or more years younger than his spouse, then the marriage has a 53% higher chance of ending in divorce than if the husband was only one year younger or 3 or more years older
  • Alcohol abuse is a high risk for divorced men while women use less alcohol following a divorce
  • Men are more likely to suffer emotionally after a divorce than women
  • Women are usually financially inferior to men following a divorce
  • Currently 1/3 of men file for divorce in the United States
  • Some research notes that men are 8 times more likely to commit suicide following a divorce than women
  • Divorced women are half as likely to suffer from heart attacks and depression than men

Men bring in the money but don't manage it 

In a 2018 Worthy study 1,700 women across the country were surveyed. Considered important since it was the first large-scale study with emphasis on women's finances and divorce, it was focused on determining financial fears, concerns and opportunities of women who were currently anticipating, in the process or completed with the divorce experience.

The study indicated that while only 13% of women reported their main financial focus was "being the breadwinner", 51% of them reported their main financial focus was paying the bills, 14% reported their focus was savings and investments and only 22% reported their spouse took care of the finances.

It could be concluded from data in this study that while most women were not focused on being the primary income provider, a combined total of 64% had a financial focus on the household bills or savings and investments.  This leaves less than a quarter of men managing the marital finances.

When considering divorce

It's important to be prepared for the divorce before you begin.  See these 3 important DMK articles, His Divorce Planner, Is Divorce the Easy Way Out, Document's to Assemble When Divorcing for guidance.

Statistics on starting over

According to a Pew Research Center Analysis in 2013, the difference between men and women who remarry is 64% of eligible men vs. 54% of eligible women. reports men remarry faster than women and that 29% of eligible divorced men want to remarry.  Sadly, both men and women have poor chances on new marriages following the failure of their first with 67% of second marriages and 74% of third marriages also end in divorce according to

Only 3% of households where the man has remarried have only the man's biological children as part of the family.   25% of remarriages include children from the wife but no children from the husband according to

Affairs and men

54% of men do not believe online affairs are adultery. reports that men are also more likely to have a physical, sexual affair regardless of marital status.  54% of married men were unaware of their spouses' extramarital affair.

While 85% of women's suspicions of their partner's cheating are right, only 50% of men's suspicions prove to be correct. 

Surveys indicate that 22% of married men have committed adultery at least once.


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