Socrates was perhaps one of the greatest philosophers of all time and is credited as one of the founders of Western Philosophy.  His thoughts and teachings on the matters of virtue and education represented his belief in the greater good. 

There are many quotes and teachings from Socrates that provided a foundation for his vision, a primary responsibility to seek knowledge and wisdom and abandon ignorance.  

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel." -Socrates 

Socrates believed in the endless pursuit of knowledge.  He questioned the world and pursued happiness to no-end by being a good person by one's own measure. 

The choice to seek endless wisdom requires an open-mind.  It's the best chance to understand, experience, empathize and grow to maximize our fullest potential as both an individual and society.

Life is our greatest teacher 

Our life influences (those we meet, all we read, watch, hear and learn) affect our reasoning, opinions and choices.   It can be a slippery slope as those changes occur very subtly.  It's hard to recognize every little affect our media, family, educators, laws and religion have had on us.  As our society assimilates in accordance with these influencers, it modifies our individual, natural disposition. 

We must recognize and act in accordance with all that positively influences our wisdom while maintaining our inherent standards.  We should strive to listen and understand others and utilize effective communication skills in order to achieve personal and social betterment. This provides a society of independent thinkers with the social ability to cooperate in a free and enterprising society.

Always seek more

As noted in an article on, the human heart beats approximately 2.5 billion times in an average lifetime.  We may skip a beat here or there, but the heart continues to beat until the very end.  We should model after our own human body as a means of effort to sustain in even the hardest of times.  While we may never be as dedicated as we are alive, we should do our very best to seek all that we are capable.

This effort alone would provide us the greatest of possibilities that if presented to even the father of philosophy, he would likely agree it  to be the highest and best pursuit, along with it, love.  

Formal education is still for many a luxury not always easily afforded.  But, the opportunity to read, understand and question science, mathematics, history, philosophy, language and arts is afforded by every literate man or woman.  Reach for the matters of your ignorance to build your knowledge and continue to liberate your individual and unite your society.  Humble yourself by acknowledging the goodness that there is always someone who knows more than you.  In doing so, you will always have an opportunity to learn more and from those who you can rely upon to teach you.

Smart people seek happiness

True, independent happiness is achievable.  It comes with finding the spark within you that motivates your sense of self and on-going pursuit and challenge.  The day you realize what you do is too easy, who your with is not important and what you want is unclear, is the day you should reinvest in your quest for personal happiness, success, love and satisfaction.  For many of us, life is just our beating hearts, isn't it time to develop our minds and potential with the same dedication for the pursuit of our wisdom and happiness.


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