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To whom do you pray?  Are your prayers answered?  Should they be?  These questions don’t come up before every prayer.  You just know to whom you are praying. 

Will my prayer help?

You aren't thinking if the prayer will be answered.  You assume it should.   But this is what we consciously assume.  Still deeper, there may be doubt.  The belief that we are trying all that we can do if we pray, but perhaps don’t always expect the prayer to be answered.  This, since miracles are possible, but perhaps unrealistic, yet we believe because we should, we can and we want to.  


So reality meets dogma.  You may find this time in your life presents a series of doubts.  Doubts about your decisions, your beliefs and your faith in God-  These doubts prevent you from healing, surviving, succeeding.  Let go of the doubts.   Accept God and a personal relationship with God.   Expect less and give more to realize the surety of what can be done for those in need.   This provides witness to the miracles of giving and assures you opportunity to see the prayers of others be answered.  During difficult times, we pray for help with our own problems, but God works through us and gives us the power to help answer the needs of others as means to provide.  

God does not require such giving. His love and our faith work within each of us and in others providing the power to give or help selflessly.  Not for ourselves, not for proof God exists, but as an example of pure love for each other.  God does truly work in mysterious ways.

Don't overthink it

This is not the time to delve into the deep exploration of your religion, your faith, your God.  All are available to you.  Your faith and religion is your safety net to catch you as you may feel as if your life is falling apart.  Pray to the God you know, trust in the faith that guides you.  But, let it guide you; let it in fully.  Your God will not let you down because He is for you.  Your faith will not abandon you because it is part of you.  Turn to it to find one of the greatest parts of you and in it you will receive.

Prepare to receive

When you do something, do it deliberately.  Praying is no different.  You do not clasp your hands together, bow your head or seek answers you do not plan to receive.  Yet, you unconsciously guard yourself.  These guards originate from fear.

Those fears are built on those doubts, anxiety and passive expectations of the answers to your prayers.  Now you must remove your guards.  Allow the miracle to happen.  Look for the answer in everything you do.  Hear God's message in everywhere you go.  But, remember that we do not always get the message we expect.  So it's often overlooked or disregarded.   Today, now, pray to hear and see God's help and message in others and everyday surroundings. 

Now pray!

Think of a time when you wanted something that later you realized you were happy you didn't get.  God is all knowing, allow him to help you by realizing the past, present and future since He answers your prayer based on all three, not just what you want or need today.  While you prepare yourself mindfully, recognize the relief of your current worries and allow your prayer to naturally change your mood, relieve your stress and burdens.  

Reach further into your spirituality, still mindfully seeking God's help and consciously preparing to receive it.  Open your mind and heart to the greatness of possible answers.  Recognize the overall achievement of your entire life and future possibilities, as it is still unfolding, so that you might understand how your prayers will be answered. 

Remove the burdens from your mind and inhale goodness through your lungs.  This will remove that wall between what you seek and what you protect yourself from receiving.  If you do not expect to receive or you fail to be aware of God's answers to your prayers, you will naturally build a wall that prevents God's help through prayer in the future.  This then prevents your healing and damages your underlying belief system. You will also be passive in your expectation to find help through your prayer and be less open to the possible ways your prayer could be answered. 

If you knew it all, would you not protect?

We must remember, we do not know everything, so if we expect answers based on what we know, want and think we need - we may be disappointed to receive response to our prayers in ways that may not be apparent in the present moment.  God knows and He knows more.  Trust in Him.  Life is not always filled with answers to our prayers as we expect; rather our prayers are answered with regard to our life route, potential and destiny; but you must do more than accept God's plan, you must take an active role in your life, your losses and ability to overcome.

 It can save your life

All that we pray can be as simple as getting a big account at work or as tremendous as God's help with relationship problems, depression or thoughts of suicide and other illnesses.  The act of prayer gives you a constant hotline to help.  Your prayer is your conversation with God.  His answer is more than an answer, it's a guide for you to follow beyond what we think we need.  But, first you must want to be saved!

Regardless if you pray, he is there.  We can not always interpret the reasons why terrible things happen or good things pass us by.  Your God would not want pain for you; but, He will not prevent your right of humanity and therefor your sin, failures or losses.   Instead he gives you the spiritual power and strength to survive hardship, failures and loss through faith, wisdom and reliable means of spiritual exploration.  

The answers are for you and your life in it's entirety.  Find guidance away from sadness, away from fear, away from doubt.  Know that your lifetime is a series of infinite possibilities that in effort, you decide in the past and present, but in those efforts unending possibilities occur.  You can not always see or plan for such possibilities, but God does.  Every choice or occurrence, be it good or bad, provides your life direction that in itself may be far better with unanswered prayers and even sorrowful times. 

In and of itself, your impact by your path in life towards humanity may have greater cause for such individual loss.  In pure love, recognize your life beyond yourself but as an extension from the past and into the future based on your existence and it's affect on others.  This is the purest gift of life and love.

As you continue to reach for God's help and provide help to others, you should expect the greatness of your gift of life through years of faithful prayer and giving.  Your prayer will save your life.  God will answer, but first, you must let him.


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