Sometimes, organized religion fails to inspire us to do the right thing, feel at peace or find strength to keep going in the wake of disaster.

But we can still find faith in ourselves and the human spirit that may lead to spiritual findings through the living example of our natural environment.

Regardless, if we have lost our faith in our religion or never subscribed to one particular faith, we can still develop faith through nature.  It can provide stability as a natural template of our humanity.

How do we find faith in nature?

One of the greatest discoveries are the laws of nature.  Through science, physics, philosophy and theology we attempt to define, theorize and discover facts about our existence and the earth that provides for us.  We theorize our origins and our behaviors.   We gather evidence and when evidence is absent, we rely on our belief system to guide us.  Between theories, facts and beliefs, it is clear we are part of a great picture no man or his society could claim ownership.  Instead, we can benefit from our likeness to our natural environment for spiritual guidance. 

From its imperfections to its absolute, we can look to nature as a mirror of humanity.  It can provide a great source for self-reflection and assistance in improving a self-portrait of our life.  Some days there is rain, storms, disasters, but there is always another day consistently following.   We know our seasons will come and go like the tide of the ocean.   As individuals, we know we will age, error and correct.   But our doubts and fears can be calmed by natures certainty.  

We understand, one day will be our last, but humanity will continue.   The next day the sun will rise, and life will go on, yet we will not be there to see that day.   Still, we believe, life goes on.  That is the ultimate gift of life.  And yes, we should believe in ourselves, society and humanity to evolve to protect all life on earth as it continues to develop and procreate.  This is our right and obligation.

The fear of God?

More so, we recognize that we do not have all of the variables to solve the mysteries of humanity and nature.   In some ways, the unknowing provides the groundwork to our spirituality.    We value and sometimes fear a sense of awareness or knowledge greater than our own, be it God, science or even, death.

The mystery enables our beliefs 

While we will always strive to break the laws of physics, find divine intervention and life on other planets; perhaps such boundaries are not meant to be crossed prematurely as such discoveries affect the greatness of the unknown.   Such mystery provides us hope, inspiration and guidance of a greater power.   That great power that gives rise to our belief systems, religions and opportunity to rely on it rather than to rival it.   While society can mirror the individual, such beliefs and faith are helpful and necessary for the betterment of us all.

Perhaps we know that all religions, scientific explanations and their differences can not all be right.  In multiple religions of the world, can only what we believe or not believe, as in the case of atheism, be the correct explanation?   Can it only be ours that is the right religion, faith or science?   Isn't that arrogance and ignorance?   Perhaps.  Yet, we still believe.

Conversely, if man is given such capabilities to one day expand his knowledge to evolve beyond current human comprehension of life, death, God, Heaven or Hell; he should do so.  But, in such a quest for the answers of the unknown, should we not expect our faith to suffer?   Would you sacrifice what you currently believe or have been taught to subscribe if a proven explanation was provided? 

If scientific explanation clearly disproved the many theories of World Religions, would society not suffer based on the removal of the moral blanket religion provides it?   Perplexing questions for sure, but today we can simply rely on humanity as a gift and nature as the unbreakable code that provides us the mystery of life.

The gift of life

Our imperfections and our absolutes are provided for by themselves, through the human spirit and natural environment that we live within.   It is in this greatness we should understand our weaknesses are also our strengths.   Life is delivered with one certainty, death.   Until there is a day we supersede such obvious boundaries, we have the power to value our life spiritually, scientifically and religiously.  This is not a guarantee of life, only an opportunity offered to us. 

We can live under the heavens rather than a sky; if not for religious beliefs, then for our own spiritual belief that we are one small part of a greater purpose.   This humbles us, provides us perspective and allows the miracle of life and nature to guide us when we are lost, feed us when we are hungry and remind us we are not alone. 

We have such spirituality to turn to when we need more than absolutes.  We are not all knowing.   We fail, climb, fall, build, conquer and lose; we can wake again in the morning and expect the sun and air.  This is not our guarantee, this is a gift of life and nature.  This gift is greater than one man, one society, one belief, one theory. 

Can one man really have the answers? 

Do you?  Are you as reliable as nature itself?  Can you, any other man, science or religion unlock the door to humanity, nature or our existence?   Does that make you feel small or insignificant?   Perhaps we should recognize what only evolves with time, like an infant inside a mother's womb.    And yet, that infant is not aware of what is to come and when.   But, in the greatness of the unknown, there is a plan.    In that we may bask in warmth of mother nature, like an infant of humanity.  When the time is right, we will know.

No one religion, science or theory can match what we live and experience.  In fact, to claim absolute knowledge of nature through a singular lens of science or religion is to admit to not really understand it at all.   Our natural surroundings are open to us to experience as a physical example of the gift of life; yet, still contains mysteries as perplexing as God, heaven and hell.  The difference being that we are able to physically experience the mystery of nature.   Knowing we cannot fully explain it does not disallow our opportunity to enjoy it or refer to it as one part of the great unknown.  Even nature cannot claim the only explanation of our origin.

Nature is for anyone

Origins of nature and life may not truly ever be proven and agreed upon as factual origins of our religions or science as we know or want them to be.  However, one can hypothesis with vigor and develop sound reasoning of our origin through said faith and sciences.  The knowledge and wisdom of man is meant to do so.  In time, the answers may be found.  This possibility gives us a sense of control, versus the overwhelming impossibility of actually having control.  One day, we will be delivered.  To the beginning or the end?  Ah.  Another question, another theory.

Our natural environment is unpredictable, wild and free like the autonomy of an individual.  Yet, we can rely on its certainty, despite our inability to fully control certain unpredictable elements of it. This is a gift to humanity to experience, not necessarily to fully define, force to begin or end.  One man, one law, one religion should never be allowed to control or destroy it.  

It's a gift to anyone to experience without boundaries, who breathes its atmosphere, experiences it’s wonderous appeal, sails the seas, appreciates the mountainside, walks upon nature's paths and feeds from the food it provides. Religion and science can further your appreciation of nature and humanity, but it's not required to experience the power it provides each of us.

While we may find that the greatest of any natural formation, site or body of water makes us feel smaller, in fact we should allow it to awaken our inner strength over unpredictable and disastrous occurrences.  Nature, like humans, attacks itself, yet it survives.  Despite disaster or destruction, tornados, volcanos, earthquakes, life finds its way back in. 

We should recognize the parallel of nature's resilience in the changes, loss and disasters that occur as individuals, societies and religions.   This demonstrates how our human spirit can help us overcome losses, cope with change and grow stronger with diversity and challenge.  This is the greatest gift and one that each man with his power to believe, is entitled.


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