No matter how much we hear of the power of good, seeing is believing.  Some of the most inspiring demonstrations of that are stories and instances where someone persevered and rose above their critics and/or setbacks to achieve greatness. While we shouldn't rely on such proof to believe in a higher goodness, it's really awesome when something happens that inspires us to keep going.  

Experience the power of believing 

I am not a "believer".  That's right.  I'm not a natural believer.  I'm skeptical of most things and people that come my way.  I am always looking for the negative, the angle or the overall probability and fact.  It makes most things in my life a matter of analysis.  Boring. 

However, over the years I have been incredibly impressed by the wonderous things that happened and people I have met that have debunked my pessimistic side.  In being skeptical, yet open-minded, I find I am perhaps more versed than the average believer to analyze the improbable, the impossible and/or the miracles that occur in our lifetime.

Why?  Because, when you analyze things so carefully, like I do, and come across factual occurrences or stories that make you realize miracles really can happen, it's rather unbiased proof that despite attempts to wholly explain the universe through disciplined theory, there's so much more to life and our capabilities than we can imagine.  And I'm thankful this is the case.

This proof is demonstrated through awesome events, people and accomplishments that enlighten us and provide us the opportunity to feel secured by what we don't know, rather than what we do. 

Even if some are perhaps not miracles in every sense of the word, they are great enough to inspire and motivate us. It's enough for me; I hope you feel the same!

Here are a few examples that even a skeptic can admit are pretty impressive!

Experience the power to believe in others, in miraculous events and yourself!


Kerri Strug suffered a terrible ankle injury on her first vault attempt in the 1996 Olympics.  However, she found a way to stick the landing on her second attempt, winning the Gold Medal for team all-around performance.  This United States Team was known as the "Magnificent Seven".  Her Gold Medal was the first for the United States in the women's team gymnastic competition.   Known as one of the most memorable Olympic moments, her ability to overcome such a painful obstacle inspired the world.


Bernadette Soubirous, a young teenage peasant from Lourdes said she saw a lady in the cave of Massabielle a mile outside of town while gathering kindling with a friend and relative.  This was the first of 17 appearances of the "lady" on that same year.  Later this apparition was titled, "Our Lady of Lourdes".  On one occasion, she instructed Bernadette to dig in what seemed to be a small puddle of mud and drink the water from within.  As Bernadette dug, a large spring appeared known as a source of water in the grotto where millions of people visit every year for miraculous cures.  The Lourdes Medical Bureau has declared 68 cases of inexplicable cures.  The bureau has been very selective in it's acceptance of "miraculous cures" as thousands have been tested.  

Corporate America

Ursula Burns was raised by her single mother in a housing project that was a haven for gangs.  Her mother ran a home daycare and ironed shirts so that she could pay for Ursula to attend a Catholic School.   She eventually went to NYU and became an intern at Xerox.  She is now the first African American Woman to lead a Fortune 500 company as Xerox's CEO and Chairwoman. Read more rags-to-riches stories at

Pet Miracle

A four year old cat named Holly was scared off by fireworks at the Daytona Speedway while spending time with her family on vacation 190 miles from their home.  Despite their attempt to find her with the help of local authorities and flyer hand-outs, their search was not successful.  Two months later, weak, starved and too lethargic to meow, Holly wandered into a neighbors yard close to her home.  The neighbor took Holly to a local vet who scanned her for identification.  Her owners were elated to hear from someone so close to their home to tell them their precious darling was ready to be reunited. Read more pet miracles on

Mother's Heartbeat

In 2014, in a hospital in Boca Raton, Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro suffered a rare amniotic fluid embolism while giving birth to her daughter by way of a cesarean section.  Doctors worked tireless for 3 hours to revive Ruby.  They decided to bring her family to the operating room to say goodbye after she lay for 45 minutes without a heartbeat when Ruby's heart miraculously began beating again.  The miracle continued to evolve in that Ruby suffered no brain damage despite the lack of oxygen for such a long period of time.  She reported seeing a light and spirits including her father during the event.  She and her daughter are both healthy following a full recovery.


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