Life and death are two very important aspects of our existence.  Yet, many of us have little time on a daily basis to appraise the life we live or deliberate over how quickly it could be taken away.  However, it isn't really necessary to overthink our existence, rather to respect the life we are given by living it to it's fullest.

Thinking about the future while closing the door to the past

It's easy to get lost

Living life to the fullest means taking on life's challenges, responsibilities & goals.  In doing so, we occasionally find ourselves in a situation where life seems to overtake us.  Our everyday is so overwhelming that we can barely keep up with it all.  Soon, one thing affects the other and we start to lose sight of what’s most important to us. 

We may stress over being able to provide for our family and spouse.  We may worry about having enough time to be with the ones we love while caring for our home, building our career and living a healthy lifestyle.  

Are you consumed with negative emotions?

As we begin to watch our life change during our divorce, we may ruminate over our past and get frustrated with what's happening in the present. 

But how do we let go of the problems in the past?  How do we forgive our spouse and ourselves?  Will things ever get better?  Will we ever find lasting love?

The more we consider such things, the worse we feel.  It's like quicksand.  Our self-esteem drops and we no longer have confidence to make good decisions.  We can't seem to get out of our own way.  These fears add to that stress that's in the way of what's really important to us.

New goals and plan

In order to maintain a positive outlook, setting goals for the future can help us find a new life direction.  It's an essential step in developing a plan to 'start over' after divorce.

It's just as easy to delay setting new goals and focus wholly on the important things in our life while keeping up our daily routine. But, that doesn't solve our problems either.  Where do we turn?  

While good intentioned family and friends may provide some guidance, these goals are ours to make.  We need a clear perspective.  Spiritual guidance may help provide that perspective.

Experience your own spiritual enrichment 

Life corrections can end one of two ways...

Major life changes will challenge the confidence of even the strongest-willed individual.  Such changes may cause us to search for meaning and perspective to explain our loss. 

We can either take this time to perform a reasonable evaluation, perhaps through spiritual enrichment and counseling, in an effort to make any needed corrections to our current life plan; or, we can continue to develop doubt and bind ourselves to the pain that prevents us from moving forward and starting a better life on our own.

Build a new relationship with God

Using this time to develop a greater sense of spirituality can provide a stronger relationship with God and help redevelop a foundation of faith and religion.  Both can help us while we let go of our identity as a spouse.  It also helps in developing a resilience to those common problems and fears that formerly got in our way.

Through prayer, meditation and relaxation techniques we develop skills and utilize our experience to make good independent decisions, without doubts clouding our ability to start a new, independent path. This brings about a clearer perspective with less emotional turbulence, more strength and courage to face the negative issues that formerly took over our life.  

It furthers our positive 'sense of self', providing confidence and insight so as to develop closer relationships with friends and family and disallow everyday problems from distracting us from that which we value most.

Start your spiritual awakening.  

Answer important questions

  • What are the problems in my life?
  • What problems hold me back from making important, life changing decisions?
  • What ownership do I have for my problems?
  • What can I do to improve my life and rid myself of my problems?
  • Am I ready to be faithful to daily prayer or meditation and spiritual goals in an effort to find my truest purpose?
  • Am I committed to realizing spiritual goodness to provide a clearer path to a better future?

Choose how you will awaken your spirituality

Religion - Many of us are religious but may find ourselves only going through the rituals of our faith instead of fulfilling the greater sense of spirituality that really creates a bond or connection with God.  In seeking more from our religion we should expect to give more.  This will provide for us a sense of greater purpose.  In giving, we receive.  

Ways to fulfill your spiritual goals through religion

  • Join the choir
  • Go on a mission trip
  • Help the poor, aging or sick
  • Volunteer at your synagogue, church or temple
  • Create something with others from your church
  • Pray, seek, give, do, accept
  • Increase your religious practices

Fitness - Recognition of the greatest gift, our own human life, can inspire us to spiritually awaken while we improve our health and body.  Regardless of our religion the power of the human spirit comes alive with the protection and value we place on our body.  

Ways to fulfill our spiritual goals through physical fitness

  • Yoga, Pilates or other stretching exercise
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved diet
  • Martial arts
  • Team exercise

Independent - You know you.  The power of the mind can outwit the brain and body.  We may assume this just means the mind can play tricks on us, causing us to think things that aren't clear, feel pain or have problems that don't really exist. 

We may not realize the power our mind has to do the opposite also.  A strong mind can also manage pain, develop intuitive strategies and control outside influences that cause our brain and body to suffer.  Using our mind through a variety of techniques to relax, clear our thoughts, sleep, control pain and improve our pattern-of-thought can help us achieve our spiritual goals and strong presence of self.  Spiritual and relaxation practices can help us develop greater emotional intelligence.

Ways to fulfill our spiritual goals through independent thought and mediation practices

  • Music therapy
  • Deep breathing techniques 
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Reading books of faith, spiritual guidance or inspirational stories
  • Nature walk
  • Take a vow of silence for the day
  • Help someone with nothing expected in return
  • Apologize to someone
  • Ask someone for help with something
  • Create something that benefits nature or whole living
  • Sing, write or dance

Develop a lifetime bond with your spirit

There are many ways to clear your perspective and find solutions to the problems that hinder your ability to live life to the fullest.  Awaken your spirit and find a closeness to your inner consciousness that will provide a clear path towards a happier future.  Maintain this connection to your spirituality so that you always have courage to understand and solve your problems with a clear mind, strong faith and inner confidence.


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