Do you ever feel like your divorce is a pet concrete block shackled to your ankle?  This pet may feel like you must feed, carry and care for this pet block every minute, of everyday.

It may seem as though you are mentally imprisoned or that letting it go is as impossible as breaking the 3 inch shackle with your bare hands.  

What prevents us from letting our losses go? Why can’t we simply free ourselves from the pain associated with divorce?  Unfortunately, we are drawn to our pain and problems more than we gain self-esteem and acknowledgement for our successes.  Perhaps we are like this because we sub-consciously feel we must protect ourselves from any more pain like what we have been through and in doing so, we allow the protection to run a 24 hour alarm system in our head that actually prevents us from letting our guard down and enjoying life as we really should.

With all these alarms and shackles, it's no wonder we feel imprisoned by our pain.  So, this summer, allow yourself to take a break from the pain.  While this summer may not release all of your stress and problems, perhaps some bad stuff will be let go in the wake of some warm summer breezes and new family memories!  

So blow off the divorce and try some summer fun tips to get the party started!

Party by the pool

Life is what you make of it.  So call a girlfriend or pack the rafts and kids and get your tailfeathers out to the pool!  Put some goodies together to keep the kids friendly and fun so that you can let the lifeguard do his job while you relax on the raft with a book and sunglasses.  Bring a cap or sun hat and plenty of sun block so that you can be worry free and take in plenty of Vitamin D which can help improve your mood and seasonal depression!

Have fun and don't be afraid to get swimming and silly with the kids!  It will improve your mood and theirs.  If you are there with a friend, let the day totally get away from you and chat, laugh and lounge away.  If your ex or the divorce come up in conversation, vent a bit and then move on.  Don't spend too much time on the negative stuff.  Talk about plans for the future and all the normal tribulations of your everyday, without a lot of heavy stuff about tough times.  Make your goal for the day to make a great summer memory of a day by the pool where you did nothing but enjoy fresh air, sunshine and time away from the ol' concrete block!

Outdoor concerts in the park

Enjoy some live music, cheese and wine with a blanket and a pal.  Invite someone you recently met or wanted to get to know better.  Make it an evening to start anew.  Again don't overdo conversation about major life problems, this is a night to make new memories.  Plus you don't want to scare off a new friend as a sad, angry, blame dame!  Keep the night fun and fabulous with laughter and music.  Pack some mild citronella candles, just in case or bring some insect repellent.  Don't forget sun block and sunglasses to use until the sun goes down.

Some chatting topics: music interests, hobbies, kids, career, travel, home projects, etc.  

Movies in the park 

Much like above you can enjoy a great evening watching a free movie with family or friends!  This is a perfect event to get a large group together to chat, relax and laugh the night away with a fun family flick!  Make sure to pick a movie that is ideally suited for your group of friends and their kids if they attend.

Get outside for early morning exercise

Summer mornings are peaceful and not too hot.  This is a perfect time to get a new or improved exercise program included 3-5 times per week.  Get your phone set to all the right music and run, power walk or cycle away!  Whatever gets your heart rate going and gets you outside in nature!  It's a natural stimulant that activates all the right parts of your brain to wake you up and get you feeling better!


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