Pet's are like members of our family.  We want to provide them the very best care possible.  Unfortunately, costs associated with pet care have significantly increased over the years.   According to the ASPCA, the first year of pet ownership can run the owner over $1,000!  

Considering a new dog can be exciting.  There are a great deal of things to consider before you get your new furry friend.  These considerations should be done before you walk into a pet store.   One of the most important decisions about getting a new dog is it's breed.  

Chores aren't getting done.  The dog hasn't been walked in days and your washing dishes needed right before every meal.  Ever feel like you're overloaded, overworked and just plain over it?

Caring for a pet can be as complicated as caring for a child.  Your pet needs food, toys and a lot of attention.  According to the majority of American households have one or more pets, the most popular being dogs and cats.   They provide us companionship, love and are good for our health.  But, life happens and caring for our pets during difficult times can be a challenge.

Our pets are like members of our family.  It's not easy to part with our furry, four legged friends following a separation and divorce.  But, sharing custody can become incredibly challenging due to the varied circumstances of an average divorce.