See why this 2023 DMK Budget Series is getting lots of attention!

You're on your own and times are tough.  You need to get serious about your budget, but somehow something always comes up that makes it impossible to stay on track.  Before things go too far, you need to find a new budget that is designed with the busy, singleton in mind.  It's designed for you!

A budget like no other budget!  Everything you need from built-in emergency fund, weekly spending accounts and automatic savings.  And once you get it established, it's practically effortless.  We organized your conversion to the new budget into three day plan.   Are you ready?  Let's go!

Budget Buster Break-up

First you need to break-up with your current budget.  Your budget is more than your plan, it's your spending habits.  

Day 1 - Easy break-up 


  • Assemble all files, documents, app info, planners or books with your current budget information
  • Gather all information relevant to your current bills, expenses, investments and accounts

Spending habits

  • Review current bank account or credit card statements 
  • List any purchases that are repetitive and long term
  • Record average monthly expense for food, gas and other necessary purchases
  • Record any fees for statements or bank accounts 

Budget Guide

Begin your NEW DMK Budget with our new plan, add DMK editorial approved apps & make changes to your spending habits. 

Day 2 - Super simple budget  


  • Review your current budget and record your total recurring monthly expenses and bills 
  • Review your monthly contribution to savings and investments
  • Review the list of budget apps selected by DMK or that you have used in the past

Select apps

  • Select and load the best budget app from the DMK Best Budget Apps that will help you maintain your budget on your handheld device
  • Select the best auto savings app from the DMK Best Savings App that will automatically deposit money into your emergency fund account 
  • Review the DMK Article Save on Groceries for ideas, apps and tips to help you save on groceries and other monthly expenditures 

Spending habits

  • Determine your monthly budget splits (your maximums should be as follows: 50% essential expenses, 30% non-essential & 20% savings)
  • When allocating money to savings or investments, first develop a 3-6 month emergency fund to keep you on track
  • Cut out repetitive and long-term purchases of small dollar amounts and reallocate money to essential expenses or savings 
  • Contact your bank to find out if there are options to remove statement or bank account fees or open a new account elsewhere
  • Contact your credit card companies regarding removing any monthly fees 
  • If possible consolidate credit cards into one 0% or low interest card or loan in an effort to allocate former interest and fees towards a faster pay-off
  • Set up a free savings or checking account with debit card and have a portion of your paycheck automatically deposited for weekly spending
  • Set up auto bill pay or set auto reminders on select apps for monthly bills to ensure you do not get a late fee

Budget Summary

You have reviewed and recorded information relevant to your budget, loaded your apps, and analyzed your expenses vs. savings.

Day 3 - Now put it all together

  • Input your information into your app related to your recorded budget information
  • Work with your credit card companies, bank, monthly payees in order to achieve the 50/30/20 split as soon as possible
  • Set up your auto save apps in order to automatically save while making purchases and/or to reallocate funds into a emergency fund or investment account
  • Discontinue repetitive purchases you are ready to give up to achieve long term savings success
  • Set up automatic spending safeguards like auto bill pay and dedicated spending accounts to wipeout careless spending


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