Why haven't you tried online dating?  You have taken a look at some of the sites, but actually signing up and building your profile has been a challenge.

Maybe you fear meeting the wrong person online or that it seems desperate to consider a stranger as a prospective date.  Most of the radically changing statistics over the past 10 years have changed many people's minds about similar fears of online dating.

Consider these reasons why you should put online dating at the top of your list once you decide to date!

1. According to a survey in 2015 by Pew Research Group, 59% of people surveyed believe online dating is a good way to meet people.  This is an increase from 44% in a survey taken in 2005.  As usage of online sites continues to rise as a probable result of increases in both smartphone applications and internet usage, it's reasonable to assume that the percentage of people who agree online dating is a primary way to meet people is increasing in most age brackets.

2. You have been in one or more bad relationships.  Why leave it to chance?  With online dating you have the opportunity to home in on the qualities and characteristics you seek in a dating candidate.  You can also avoid those who don't have those qualities by noting what you don't want, right in your profile. Pick according to your ideal mate's hair color, career, religion, lifestyle, number of children, income, weight, height or even books he/she has recently read.  

3. The cost of going out to bars, restaurants and events in the hopes of meeting the right person is expensive.  There are free dating sites, and most are under $30/month. The people on these sites are available and looking to date, just like you.  Few other venues can ensure single dating prospects like online dating sites.

4. You have the protection of using the site's communication messaging system until you feel comfortable giving someone your phone number.

5. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, 59 million people have tried online dating.  Another study by Pew Research Group has indicated that 66% of people they surveyed who have tried online dating have dated someone they met through the site(s).  Those are good odds and worth trying it out to determine if online dating is right for you.

6. If you don't try online dating you may be missing a large opportunity to meet the right person.  In the same article, Statistic Brain Research Institute indicates that 20% of current committed relationships started online.

7. Most people stick with it.  Statistic Brain Research Institute goes on to say that over 90% of users stay with online dating for over 3 months.  It takes time, it isn't like instant oatmeal.  You may need to have your profile up and date a bit to really find the right person.  Many sites allow you to suspend your profile when you start dating and if it doesn't work out, you can reactivate your profile.

8. According to Cyber-Dating Expert 50% of 111 million singles in the United States use online dating.  The article indicates the 24 hour a day accessibility is a primary reason for such success.  This is a reasonable assumption that the opportunity to meet someone any time of day or night is a huge feature of this way of dating.  You can search for someone every day without the need to get dressed up, find a sitter and go out.  

9.There are Christian sites, ethnic sites, sites for the younger adults, sites for older adults, sites for short term relationships, sites for high income professionals.  You name it, there are dating sites ideally suited to the exact person for whom you seek.  Maybe you will meet the right person at church, work or through friends.  But, if you haven't yet, why not give this a try?

10. No picture necessary.  If you aren't interested in putting your picture out there, no worries.  It'll slow you down a bit, but it provides you the opportunity to keep your anonymity since you use a username instead of your real name also.  Update, some dating sites have your real name on your profile unless you specify otherwise.



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