2023 Party Trends: A key to keeping guests having fun is to include themes for your parties like karaoke, group games, crafts or cooking stations for fun foods.

FAMILY THOUGHTS:  Bad news: my home is a mess, my family's a mess and my life is a mess.  Good news: I have a place to live, a family and I'm alive.   It's not always easy to get past the bad news, but never stop trying.   DMK Editorial  


Everywhere you look, there are products for body cleansing, colon cleansing, sinus cleansing, etc.  Search online or at your local Target® or Walmart®!  There is a cleanse for every part of you!  But are they safe and worth the money?

It's not easy to locate assistance caring for your family and home.  It helps to have online resources with advice, trusted caregivers, Realtors® and home helpers. 

Are you considering selling your home or do you and/or your spouse just need help finding help packing and moving?  Let us help!