Don’t you wish you could naturally defend your happiness?  Go to a place in your mind that actually clears all the clutter and provides a clearer perspective to improve your mood and outlook.  

Sometimes, organized religion fails to inspire us to do the right thing, feel at peace or find strength to keep going in the wake of disaster.

To whom do you pray?  Are your prayers answered?  Should they be?  These questions don’t come up before every prayer.  You just know to whom you are praying. 

Food is an amazing thing.  Perhaps there is no greater need for the human body.  It nourishes our body, provides comfort and is part of our customs, religions and celebrations.  

It’s not easy getting old.   Once we reach 30, 40 or 50 it feels like a major milestone compared to years past.  Most of us would like to go back a decade and be that age once again.   Yet, we still struggle to appreciate our current age, knowing that one day we'll wish we were this age again.  Self-esteem is much like that.

When you married, you were beginning, what was going to be, a great life with a wonderful person.  Now, life has changed and divorce has ripped through your relationship, family and faith. 

Some of you struggled for answers and looked for help through counseling, friends and family to save your marriage.