Chunky, cheesy lasagna takes less than 20 minutes to prep for the oven!

 Herbs and spices are essential ingredients that can make bland food delicious and with less sodium, fat and calories.  There is no better way to prepare healthy meals than with added herbs and spice.  But, did you know that some spices and herbs may have holistic qualities to improve health*?

Chunks of ground sirloin and robust chili and jalapenos make this a family favorite

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes.  Many of us like it because it provides a great accent to a fine meal, helps us chill out after a long day and has a flavor specific to it's region of origin, winery and grapes.  But there are many facts that are interesting to know when enjoying this aromatic beverage.  Some are fun facts and others are just like...."What?  Really?".  Take a sip.

Delicious fresh lime and avocado sausage tacos are zesty and smoky for any palette to enjoy!


Easy to make, delicious spaghetti for a hungry family of four!

Savory & hearty chicken & dumplings pot pie for a hungry family of four!

Savory pizza with all the toppings!