2023 DMK Get Going Page

DMK No Brainer: Are you bored?   Not sure what to do instead of sitting around feeling angry, sad and bitter? You could: go for a walk, learn a foreign language, spend time with family or friends, have a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop, go to the raceway, take a class, learn to dance, walk the dog, workout, learn to play an instrument, learn a new trade, join a local meetup, garden, start a new hobby, work on a project, write, play a sport, craft, cook, create anything. We could keep going. But, we think you get the point, or about 20 of them.  DMK Editorial

DMK Quote     "My philosophy of life: "Don't just sit around doing nothing and wasting your time --get off your butt and start doing something and wasting your time."   -Clifford Cohen

DMK Suggestion     Ask yourself, "What's your talent? What's your strength? What have you always wished you could do? Then use your talent, your strength and your wish to inspire you to get off the couch, out of the house and onto your true potential!" DMK Editorial