Divorce affects every aspect of your financial well being.  Most of what is established in your divorce agreement is on the basis of money.  Support, division of assets, debts, personal property, etc.  When the divorce is completed, you and your spouse each have about half as much.  For many, that may not amount to much.

When "life" happens, as in a major life event like marital problems, separation and divorce, we react.  The sentiment of "out with the old" can lead us in the wrong direction.  We may begin to move forward, but the past may still be top-of-mind.  It's time to change that.  

The divorce is finally complete.  You're fully entrenched in your new single lifestyle and totally ready to move forward.  You're ready to shed a few pounds, clean out the closets and dig into your career or education.  Right? 

Well, maybe not so much.