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DMK Hubby and Wifey University Quote: "By all means marry.  If you get a good wife you'll be happy.  If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher." -Socrates

DMK Happy Husband Tip : Husbands aren't always as funny and interesting as they think. They can be with your help.

When your husband tells the same story from his "good ole years" be as interested as the first time he told it. Ask a question and be conversational. Don't be afraid to mention he has told you the story before, but it has meaning to him, so let him tell you again.

Laugh at respectable jokes or goofy stuff he says because he's your husband and while he may not be that funny, he wants to be funny, and you love him. So give him his moment and support his humor.

If he has an idea about how you could do something better, be willing to hear him out. Tell him you appreciate his idea and why it will or will not work. Now. The hard part is to consider if any part of his idea is valuable.  As mentioned above, if you can utilize even part of it, let him know his idea was helpful. If not, tell him why.

Times when he tries to make a joke about something he did wrong can imply he doesn't regard the mistake or it's importance. Let him now how that makes you feel without being argumentative. Let him know you understand, we all make mistakes and how it could be avoided in the future.

When your husband does something that embarrasses you in public, do not cause a scene that can further embarrass you as a couple. Instead, once you are alone, let your husband know what he did and why it bothered you. Then ask him not to do it again.



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