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Jealousy and Fear

Jealousy and fear are major issues that can drive a couple apart.  There can be multiple reasons that bring about a fear and jealousy situation. 

  • A previous infidelity in the existing relationship or prior relationships
  • Changes in one spouse's behavior  
  • Personal, psychological or physical problems that contribute to co-dependency
  • Concerns about a specific situation that has created trust issues
  • A relationship between a spouse and someone outside the marriage that seems inappropriate to the other spouse
  • An existing damaged relationship for reasons, other than adultery, that is vulnerable to jealousy and/or betrayal

In most cases, a healthy marriage can get through it with little long-term damage.  Adding positive marriage activity, improved communication and increased awareness will help build trust and minimalize unwarranted fear and jealousy as well as decrease occurrences that propagate justified concerns. 

Struggling relationships where one or both spouses are unhappy should seek the help of trained counselors who can guide the couple back to a happy and healthy marriage. It's also a good step for each spouse's achievement of personal happiness and life satisfaction.



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