You're not alone if the world of online dating site selfies eludes you a bit.  You gotta' love the creative flare some have for the selfie extravaganza.  But, if it still leaves you feeling like your selfies are not quite ready for the big time dating sites, then we have some great ideas for you!

Once you decide to date you may consider joining an online dating site in hopes of finding the perfect match.  The key to finding the right person and limiting the number of "bad dates" is to have access to honest and descriptive profiles along with providing such a profile for others to view.

Singles cruises are cruises that are hosted or planned by a travel agency or cruise ship company with focus on single travelers.  It's meant for travelers who wish to meet new people and have the potential to make a love connection.

Anywhere you go to meet a stranger is going to present a crime of opportunity. However, with reasonable precautions and good common sense there should be reduced risk.