First dates aren't easy to plan. They need great conversation, attraction and a good environment.  If either person feels the conversation is dull, feels uncomfortable or is unattracted to his/her date, chances are there won't be a second date.

These three little words can bring you closer to your companion or cause him/her to freak out.  How do you know what you feel is love?  What if you say it and they don't say it back?

If it's been a while since you dated, you may be nervous about what to talk about on a first date. Say the right thing that makes you both smile, lose track of time and fall for each other, then a second date is very probable.  Say the wrong thing and well, you'll definitely be going home single.

As I re-entered the dating world at 31, I couldn't help but feel old.  So much had changed since I'd been "available" and I still wasn't sure I was ready for the challenge.