Date night experiences for most married couples can really fall short.  Truth be told, date night for my ex-husband and I included Red Lobster, lobster with extra butter and a trip to The Home Depot for dessert (dessert not included). Every single date.

Do you ever find yourself eating when you are not hungry?  Or, do you ever feel tired even though you had enough sleep?  Perhaps you are missing something in your life.  Could it be as simple as the power of touch?

Yes.  Plain and simple.  But, the bad news is that your marriage may not be the shining light in your life you need it to be.  In fact, some marriages have the opposite effect on a person.  They can drain you of the beauty and cheerful spirit once experienced.  But, who is responsible for the marriage stealing your happiness?

Surviving a long-distance relationship, like when one spouse is a service member, can be difficult for any couple. It presents challenges that include issues that non- distance challenged marriages never face.