Grandma and grandpa have been married for over 50 years.  Grandma worked full-time for awhile as a secretary at a shoe manufacturer and grandpa's a veteran.  He retired 20 years ago from a factory that's no longer in business.  Grandma and grandpa did alright but have stories of tough times and hardships that occasionally gave rise to family woes.

Date night experiences for most married couples can really fall short.  Truth be told, date night for my ex-husband and I included Red Lobster, lobster with extra butter and a trip to The Home Depot for dessert (dessert not included). Every single date.

Do you ever find yourself eating when you are not hungry?  Or, do you ever feel tired even though you had enough sleep?  Perhaps you are missing something in your life.  Could it be as simple as the power of touch?

Yes.  Plain and simple.  But, the bad news is that your marriage may not be worth saving.  It may be something that once provided comfort, love or joy but now provides the opposite. Like most people you still crave those comforts of a loving marriage.  The key is knowing if your current marriage is capable of providing that ever again.