The longer you're married, the more your marriage may experience a reduction in overall happiness.  It may not actually fit the description of a depressed marriage in that it has significant problems that require counseling or therapeutic intervention.  However, the marriage may need attention from both spouses to regain the brilliance and excitement hopefully experienced at some earlier time in the relationship.  DMK Guide to a Happy Marriage can help!

Spending time with your spouse was much easier before the invention of one of the most time consuming, addictive smart gadgets ever to be conceived...the smartphone.   Oh, how technology has the power to make our lives so much easier and relationships so darn difficult.  

You and your spouse have survived the first stage of a damaged marriage.  In your case, it is an infidelity that has occurred and you have chosen to rebuild your marriage with forgiveness, communication and empathy.  

Like a test many marriages fail, you have elected to allow the strength of your marriage the opportunity to provide you and your spouse time to recover the serious impact of adultery.  

Ideas, tips and solutions to common marriage problems in our Stay Married section.

Every marriage experiences problems and issues.  Some marriages will face more problems or unique circumstances that others never do.  However, based on the strength, commitment and love each spouse demonstrates, even the most difficult situations can be resolved.  Find out some great ways to keep your marriage strong following some common problems many couples face.

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