Yes.  Plain and simple.  But, the bad news is that your marriage may not be worth saving.  It may be something that once provided comfort, love or joy but now provides the opposite. Like most people you still crave those comforts of a loving marriage.  The key is knowing if your current marriage is capable of providing that ever again.

Surviving a long-distance relationship, like when one spouse is a service member, can be difficult for any couple. It presents challenges that include issues that non- distance challenged marriages never face.

Unless someone is in an abusive or destructive relationship where the perception of love is distorted by a manipulative or dishonest spouse, the only person who can decide when it's time to "call it quits" is one or both spouses in that relationship.

"Are we ever sure we're making the right decisions regarding our marriage?"

My answer, "No. Not really and not even with Jedi mind tricks."