When looking for something that will bring the heat back into your relationship, you may need to escape the stess of everyday life.  Run away with each other to one of these romantic destinations!  It will give you time alone with your spouse with a perfect back drop of romance and desire. 

Your husband has asked you on more than one occasion if you have ever thought about anyone else.  He has now brought up the issue a few times and then he drops the bomb on you, " Would you ever consider an open marriage or be willing to approve of extramarital sex with permission?"

If you suspect your wife or girlfriend is cheating, the first thing you should do is consider why you have these suspicions.  Have you always been a jealous person?  Sometimes it's our own guilt that makes us suspicious of others.  Worse yet, we may secretly hope the other person is doing something behind our backs as an excuse to get out of a relationship with her.