One of the best ways to infuse passion back into your relationship is to escape the stress of everyday life!   Run away with each other to one of these romantic destinations in Croatia, Italy, Hawaii, France and Turks & Caicos!  It will give you time alone with your spouse with a perfect backdrop of romance and desire. 

Your husband has asked you on more than one occasion if you have ever thought about anyone else.  He has now brought up the issue a few times and then he drops the bomb on you, " Would you ever consider an open marriage?"

If you suspect your wife or girlfriend is cheating, first consider why you have suspicions.  Has jealousy been a problem in your current or past relationships?   Has something happened that causes you concern?  Have you been unfaithful, dishonest or absent?  Do you secretly hope she's cheating to ease your conscious or provide an excuse to get out of a relationship with her?