Why take a marriage test?

Every couple has issues in maintaining all of the essential traits a marriage needs to keep it's long-term health and happiness.  This test can help marriages determine strengths, areas that need improvement and overall state of well-being.

Are you serious about a healthy, happy marriage?  It's only a happy marriage based on what both spouses put into it.  Learn the 13 essentials to a happy marriage, then take our DMK Marriage Essentials Test to determine the health of your marriage.  

Is your marriage no longer a priority?  Do you spend less time with your spouse and worry your marriage is starting to suffer?  Or, worse, do you not think about your marriage at all? 

The longer you're married, the more your marriage may experience a reduction in overall happiness.  It may not actually fit the description of a depressed marriage in that it has significant problems that require counseling or therapeutic intervention.  However, the marriage may need attention from both spouses to regain the brilliance and excitement hopefully experienced at some earlier time in the relationship.  DMK Guide to a Happy Marriage can help!