Could a candy bar be better than blueberries?

While the benefits of fresh fruit will always be better than a sugary, processed food - chemical treatment and genetic intervention of crops in order to grow larger, pest free fruit may actually cause more harm to your body over the years than the average, occasional candy bar.

Weight training (aka resistance training or strength training) can be extremely intimidating for most beginners.  Whether it's the gymtimidation from the "regulars" in the weight lifting area or just fear of the unknown, it's not easy to deviate from your typical cardio or yoga workout.  But the reasons to do so are immense.  In fact, weight training may be one of the best additions to your typical workout.  

Sometimes the most obvious solutions to our problems elude us.  Ending a relationship is usually one of those times.  It's easy to be so blinded by the pain and anguish from our breakup that we fail to recognize what we need to dispel our negative energy.  This is especially true when whatever we need takes effort.

Nothing is more frustrating when trying to cut a few pounds than eating all the right things and not losing weight.  There may be numerous reasons that contribute to your inability to trim the fat.