Sometimes the most obvious solutions to our problems elude us.  Ending a relationship is usually one of those times.  It's easy to be so blinded by the pain and anguish from our breakup that we fail to recognize what we need to dispel our negative energy.  This is especially true when whatever we need takes effort.

Nothing is more frustrating when trying to cut a few pounds than eating all the right things and not losing weight.  There may be numerous reasons that contribute to your inability to trim the fat.

In many ways the desire to do what we know is harmful is so completely human, normal and instinctual.  We see it, we crave it.  Our very existence is detrimental to the earth we inhabit. And while this self-deprecating side of humanity seems questionable as we live life to it's fullest, individuals are also drawn to the natural currents of our society.

Good news! We have researched tons of super foods to find the top ten that will get you on the fast track to eating healthier and saying "so long fast food"! They are great tasting, vitamin rich, convenient foods ready to be included on your shopping list!