Nutritional supplement sales revenue was expected to reach about 32 billion US dollars in 2019 according to an August 2019 article on  That's a lot of money for vitamin, mineral and health supplements that often have a disclaimer that says, among other things, they are, "..not intended to treat, prevent or cure disease."  Huh?  

There is no better aromatic flavoring for your meals than from herbs grown in your own garden.  In addition to the savory and robust characteristics herbs add to food, they make excellent garnishes for nearly any dish.  Growing herbs in your own garden ensures they are produced by the standards for which you expect for you and your your family.

As average Americans develop a healthier lifestyle, they seek alternative foods, therapies and supplements.  Olive oil is a popular example since it's considered the "healthy oil" and a great alternative to solid fats like butter or stick margarine. But is it really good for us?