Your co-worker approaches and says she will not be able to give a presentation this afternoon due to a family emergency. She asks you to present your team’s proposal instead.  You reluctantly accept the task.  With a quick roll of the eyes she drops the proposal on your desk and charges off.

You're easily distracted, your avoiding afternoon tasks, your snacking constantly and your patience is wearing thin.  Sound like you?  Chances are you're experiencing an afternoon slump.   However, like many of us, taking the rest of the day off, just isn’t happening.  So, we put together a list of exhaustion buster remedies that are sure to give you more late day strength.

What makes you feel younger isn't always what you did in your youth.  After all, most of us flew by the seat of our pants, rarely got enough sleep and probably didn't know the meaning of refined carbs or how they affected our body.