Processed foods are a way of life for most Americans.  Many were raised on the stuff.  But, with a better understanding of the dangers associated with unhealthy eating habits, we may be better able to initiate positive changes to our current diet.  These changes could possibly improve our quality of life and add years to our lifespan. 

Water, also known as H2O, specifically 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom is a transparent, tasteless, odorless chemical that covers about 71% of the earths surface. This substance is an essential part of life on earth.  But just how much do humans need everyday to stay healthy?

Ideas to help you achieve serenity

On the assumption that many of us are not currently demonstrating the balance of said mind, body or soul as the lovely yoga princess in this article's picture (do not try btw), it's clear that improving balance and adding serenity in our lives could be exactly what we need to get though difficult times like those we are currently experiencing.  But where do we start?  DMK has some ideas that may help.

Find the real you after "us"

Married life starts pretty good for nearly all of us.  We venture into it with open minds and hearts and are rewarded with the comforts of a growing, symbiotic relationship.  We may start to think like our spouse, share the same beliefs, maintain similar goals and enjoy the same lifestyle.